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  1. This song is really great. Thanks really much for sharing this! I've tried adding some linees to the already first attempt of finding lyrics by someone on Linkinpedia:
  2. Not true. That's about the current concert they are playing right now in London!
  3. Some of those songs are fucking awesome! Can't wait! (but still can't like The Catalyst tho!)
  4. Better than The Catalyst to me. It's an amazing song..
  5. I'll not be amazed if this "song" would be played at the disco.
  6. Not a huge fan of this. And probably I'll dislike the album.
  7. I bet the first rapping part of Blackbirds will be played live sometimes on POA intro, nice song though
  8. Damn the interviewer! Lol By the way the show was amazing
  9. 1) Drawing 2) Across the line Well, my favorite song has always been Breaking The Habit I'm really quite excited to listen its demo song, should be amazing as well And then "Across the line" because i loved the snippet we heard about "Japan" but also because it is a new song
  10. I love it. Wtf happens with DBS videos? They came out before the official release yet LOL
  11. These two songs we got to listen to are really amazing! I hope we can get some more, like the whole concert
  12. Got it. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X7B3T34O (Mp3 320Kbps)
  13. I've just ripped it, only the song though Here's what i got: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AIMDHB6X (Mp3 320 kbps)
  14. Chester sounds so nice in this one.. Want to listen the full concert fucking great btw
  15. Hey thank you for sharing it! If I don't claim too much is there a way to upload it on another hosting site? rapidshare doesn't seem to like free users.. Nvm, done it on megaupload, Thanks anyway For those who care about it: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LYCBR7L7
  16. There's no bad songs on the album, i love them all. But to pick up one song i've chosen Crawl Back In. Why? I don't even know..
  17. Walking In Circles for me. Can't explain what i feel when i'm listening to it. The echos are amazing, it seems to merge at the end of the final chorus with the song together. Epic one.
  18. This truck sounds amazing, it is gonna be one of my favorite so far. (obvius) But i won't say it until i'll hear it on the album
  19. Nowhere

    My Suffering!

    what an awesome surprise! didn't expect Chester released a song of their upcoming album at all.. Sincerely i don't like so much the voice effects but the song is fucking awesome..
  20. [Offtopic]The song produced by Mike Shinoda "Shoot First" is on http://www.myspace.com/apathy[/Offtopic] Nvm, already posted the proper topic about it.
  21. Yeah! They did a great work! Awesome videoGotta sleep, night ppl
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