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  1. for me personally signatures that I didn't get myself have no value. I want to connect something with the signature like the moment I met them. But that's just me I'm sure you can get a lot of money. I'm guessing 200-300 USD
  2. That's 15 mins before LP plays at Rock'n'Heim. I'm guessing it's a surprise FM show somewhere.
  3. Not sure if it was a change.org petition, but the RHCP fans convinced WBR with a petition. Also it depends on the cause how many signatures can change something (if at all)
  4. Looks like all of you got the deluxe vinyl. I chose the cheaper one. Here it is + the position.
  5. Mine just arrived. I figured out what piece it is but my scanner is too small to scan it.
  6. THe voting is useless. They should include non-singles only. As long as there is a popular single it will always get the most votes.
  7. Damn... I will be on vacation when he plays in Berlin. I would love to go.
  8. There is also a song called "System" in LP's list. WHat is it? http://repertoire.bmi.com/title.asp?blnWriter=True&blnPublisher=True&blnArtist=True&keyid=5948557&ShowNbr=0&ShowSeqNbr=0&querytype=WorkID
  9. I have an account on LPA but I can't remember the last time I logged in. I don't visit LPA at all anymore. I don't get along with the community + the overuse of stupid emoticons over there. BUt I respect their work. What I like about LPL is that it focuses on the live stuff. It is incredible how much knowledge is gathered here. If you want to know something live related, no matter what, just ask and I guarantee you'll get a satisfying answer. From time to time you get some rare live footage or audio which is awesome. I also like the community here much more.
  10. I can see it coming... I will be in California and Mike plays a show somewhere in Europe, probably even in Germany.
  11. Seriously thinking about getting up early to watch the madness
  12. Monday can't come soon enough. Excited!
  13. The RSD reissue for Europe is black and yeah it comes with the OSC vinyl LPCatalog has everything listed here: http://lpcatalog.com/item/2000_hybrid-theory
  14. Great to finally see that footage! Whenever I see studio footage Brad is always so active and involved and excited. Then I always think of how bored he looks when playing on stage.
  15. Faint - Newcastle 2010.12.04 (Pez on guitar) Faint - Sydney 2010.12.15 (Pez on guitar, his brother on bass) Bleed it Out - Frankfurt 2008.01.20 (stopped to sing Happy Bday to Rob)
  16. I'm glad that there is a german show before I'm leaving for California. So I will probably be at Rock'n'heim....it's just a 30 min. drive.
  17. I don't think LP will play Highfield (FKP Scorpio) if they play MLK's RNH
  18. 01. Discovered them in 2004, met them for the first time in 2010 02. Trough my brother 03. All of them 04. Album: HT Favourite show: RaR 04 Favourite show I've been to: Mannheim 2008 05. Rebellion (at the moment) 06. I don't know... 07. Mike
  19. http://lpcatalog.com/item/lpu/14/cd There even is a unboxing video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glEQlChm18k
  20. You must have a certain number of posts before you can use the shoutbox...I don't know the current number though.
  21. Thanks for this thread. Will go trough my collection soon and replace my bad sources
  22. That's like the best thing on this lineup. Hope they tour Europe at some point.