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  1. Now the question is when do we think these 2 songs will be released to Spotify?
  2. Hello ill keep this short. I’m about to list on eBay LPU cds 1-12. They are still new. Short on money so unfortunately I need to sell. Anyone interested before I list them?
  3. How much are the tickets? and what is the ticket limit? im not a lpu member but looking to purchase these on the general onsale date. Thanks!
  4. I got my tix!!! I LOVE LP LIVE!!!!! so glad i check this site like 5 times a day. haha but seriously yay cause i may not be able to afford honda civic tour this year. Thanks for the heads up
  5. can someone post it here? mike obviously doesnt care and said warner wont go after anyone and aknowleged radio rips....so is it all good? sorry you can delete my post if not...
  6. I really hope this show will be for sale on the lp download site. kicking myself for not being there tonight. have no money but should have sold some dvds haha
  7. ok this is my opinion and maybe some of you wont like it but here is my take. Linkin park were under no obligation to play anything special or different from any other setlist. If we didnt monitor the setlists day to day then this would have been a pretty special setlist and with such a small venue it would have made it very memorable and exciting. But the fact is that most of us on this site do monitor the sets day to day and it really makes a good setlist seem mediocre. I feel that linkin park should have played a few old school hits or special songs they dont normally play or know they wont in the future. I think its safe to say that the people who went to the show were not all just causual fans. they were pretty hard core and had to work to get into the event. This was the perfect opportunity to play robot boy in a stripped down form. (they said they wanted to play it in a intimate setting whats better than this setting) it was in LA where the band stared out and are from. They could have used this opportunity to play not alone. ya its not the best song and may not have fit in the set perfectly but it would have fit the purpose of the event well. They know that hardcore fans wanted old school songs since alot of people bug them at meet and greets, facebook, twitter etc for them. i just feel dissapointed that they didnt get something extraordinary. Ive seen Linkin Park during the LP Underground tour at the Wiltern the night Meteora came out. That was a small intimate venue. I saw them In vegas a few years ago when the played the joint before it was torn down and rebuilt and held less than 2000 people. Ive been to intimate venues and i can say i would have preferred to hear different unique songs then and been in nosebleed seats somewhere instead of being right in front and hearing all the singles. Im not complaining i love linkin park and still will forever but i just feel they could have done so much more with the secret show.
  8. lnknchrs

    "Set B13"

    im hopefull it will be on B12. that and BITS. maybe we will find out tonight!
  9. my thoughts: im kinda thinking that since joes samples or whatever it was that wasnt working wasnt working, they played the set they played the last 3 nights as kind of a ok this we can do emergency set. now it appears they have fixed it and tonights b11 setlist will be one of the three rotating setlists. i still hope that there will be 3 setlists not including the one they have played the last 3 nights. or at least they will include that one to include bits since its a single. what do you guys think? i know this is kinda jumbled but i think i got the point across.
  10. i saw this setlist when i was lucky enough to be in berlin last october (had catalyst and fallout in it). its a good set with alot of a ATS in it. nothing to whine or complain about but i was hoping for blackout or BITS tho like most of the rest of us. This is the set i would see in vegas and LA too... im hoping they play diff songs in sets B and C and then i can maybe trade my tickets for LA for a diff show to see some new songs.
  11. i hope they at least add burning in the skies. seeing as its the next single
  12. I had so many great lp memories in 2010. -A thousand suns comes out -the laser listening event party in la - mini concert at the griffith park observatory - going to berlin and seeing LP perform at the O2 world arena - buying tickets to the LP concert in vegas in feb. LP in LV is Epic!!!!
  13. I totally was thinking the same thing. blackout to open the show would be amazing!!!!
  14. just got my tickets!!!! i got them thru lpu presale. i got the reserved seats tho so i have no idea where i am sitting. anyone else do this?
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