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  1. If you still have the email that contains the download link, just redownload it.
  2. Do you have glasses? I can see the ] just fine.
  3. THAT is the problem we are dealing with at the moment. Warner doesn't seem to be able to/ not interested in trying to grasp the issues that present. Heck even I included the "error list" in my emails and got a generic mail in reply. Hence why I contacted Adam to see if that does anything.
  4. Since I didn't really know what else to do, I decided to contact Adam if there is anything he can do
  5. As you can see, people are currently TRYING ton contact someone who feels responsible but without any luck so far. How it happened though? good question
  6. Warner Music UK gave me yet another "if you recieved a faulty item please return it to the point of purchase" email. Might try Warner Records US next.
  7. I find it unlikely, considering you had to actually pay for access. That would be rude to the people who did.
  8. EU version has: - No pulltab - swapped DVDs - pixelated MS print - unlaminated AAA pass Did I miss any?
  9. it doesn't have to do with the master audio tracks. It has to do with the vinyl cut. Looks like something went wrong there.
  10. I didn't know there were incomplete P5hng versions. Complete version on my copy (EU)
  11. Btw I made the "mistake" of contacting Warner Germany. They don't know what to do and if my item is faulty I should contact Amazon for a refund. (in other words they totally didn't get my problem) I tried Warner Europe again. Now lets wait and see.
  12. To talk about something that is NOT an error for a change: What bothers me is that the non-english subtitles have been removed additionally the menu for the hidden POA no longer is "playstation" friendly.
  13. I just hope this doesn't become a mess since you could buy the box set "anywhere". I remember I had a record that was faulty and then it was like "you didn't buy straight from the label so there is nothing I can do"
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