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  1. The show page needs an update as it still states that not all of the songs were released ever. IIRC the page only lists 3 being released but now we have all 5!
  2. Thanks for linkining my Reddit thread. I also checked my CD again. You can hear a the last note from the SOTD segue thing. Also can confirm that the LOATR on the vinyl is also the single version (no party at the end)
  3. yes. Everything else for the other tracks that seem to be "shorter"
  4. Lost just has no silence at the end. The Meteora 20 version has 3 seconds of silence at the end. Its not different apart from that. Also I checked What I've Done seems to be the album version since listening loud made me hear that last note from the Interlude at the end of Shadow of the Day.
  5. Things get weirder and weirder. From multiple users I hear that their CD has all the album versions and I just checked my CD copy and it has the single versions on it. I checked LOATR and the single version ends with Chester solo singing "I can't be who you are" ...just like my version on Papercuts. Can anybody post their catalogue numbers?
  6. Sorry me again, I just checked my vinyl copy and guess what: All single versions are in place. Also I noticed the centre label says Friendly Fire has a runtime of 4:24. Probably an error, unless someone can confirm its actually a different version
  7. I disagree on the "not very noticeable" part. Like take the moving over from LOATR to BIO. If you seperate the two its EXTREMLY noticeable regardless of being a fan or not.
  8. Them using the album versions, despite single versions clearly being avilable (for obvious reasons) is a truly mindboggling move. It becomes extra stupid (IMO) when you keep in mind that, for example Leave It Out All The Rest and Bleed It Out are BOTH on there, if you pull that move at least put them after the other. Time for a recall imo
  9. I saw something on reddit along the lines of "Where I live I can listen to FF" In other news. I think including QWERTY, as much as I like the song, seems a weird move. The promos I found online explictly call it a single collection, so including QWERTY seems even more baffling. Also again, making sure to mention 2000-2023 but excluding an entire album seems ridiculous to me. If you wanna include something softer you could include UIG or FM instead Also that album cover is atrocious
  10. That single cover boggles my mind. Why go with a MTM logo of all things for a song that EVERYONE knows comes from the OML sessions? Even a basic "waves" image would've sufficed IMO
  11. Just listened to the whole EP. Honestly the Nothings There remix might be my favorite thing Mike has ever done. Maybe its because I just love that "type" of electronica, but still its epic
  12. Should serpent remain on the unreleased song list? Considering we now had a clear view of the song board I am 99% positive „Serpent“ doesn’t exist and was mislabelled
  13. My bad I got confused apparently but my point still stands. It says foreword intro, but there’s an intro before that (which also appears at the end) anybody know what that is?
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