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  1. Frankly I have always failed to see the point with the half/half treatment the solo/side projects get. What I mean by that is that for example the PT tour got LPU early/VIP access and so on and so forth but yet we don't get any demos (if there are any). I mean even if its like a second "branch" of LPU, I wouldn't mind. Like if you had an LPU account but would have Access to the Mike "part" of the Fanclub. Like for example why not make the exclusive tracks from Fort Minor Militia available to LPU members aswell.
  2. Easy don't show a vocalist or anything that could hint at a vocalist in the first place.
  3. Uh that sounds contradictory. The video shows a full band without even a sign of a vocalist and yet you think its awesome. So why is it not weird like you say I rather decide on my own terms wether or not to fuck off. That said 3 empty mic stand shots were 4 too many in my opinion
  4. Don't like the video at all. Did they really have to constantly show the empty mic? It started to piss me off after a while honestly. The music video version of clickbait..
  5. You guys probably need some ore info to add some of the info I brought in, huh?
  6. Hey I was at the show: Some stuff I remember: (Please note that I am just writing the stuff I remember and it might not be of info to anyone) Mike joked with the guitarist (forgot his name sorry) that he should rap the next song (which was WTCFM) During the show (forgot which song sorry) he signed someones sign (don't remember what it said either) He wanted to hang up someones fanart (of Boris and Oatmeal) on his keyboard) but the art/cloth was so big it didn't work He played Sorry for now (seemingly upon request) He did a speech about Keith Flint before In The End Prove You Wrong was played again And to top it off: Along with two members of Don Bronco Mike played APFMH He played around with the samples of Hold It Together with an extended ending saying he loved those samples Sorry For Now included a drum solo
  7. Oh come on. THP was only made because Mike was in a rock mode. in fact he said in interviews that he had made "OML-esque" demos after Living Things was done. He only started to crave rock music later and thus THP was born. OML might be mainstream friendly, but you still miss the point if you claim the band was forced to make the album. Remember how in 2000 everybody said an album like HT would never fly with the public? No..looks like it has diamond status for no reason then. Not standing behind a decision your favorite band makes, but claiming shit, where you should know it isn't true, is just being a fucking dense motherfucker. if LP was really in it for the money they would've done record after record after record in the style of HT and Meteora.And yes I do think that OML was more simplistic in sound thanks to the fact that they focused more on the lyrics. If you think they made this album for the money then you have clearly not understood the album.
  8. rd1994

    LPU 17 Is Here!

    Exactly. Like I actually feel like if you are a true fan you can understand why there is no music. Sure i would like some "new" music. But at the same time I was surprised if the opposite happened (meaning that we got actual music). I expected the outcome to be this
  9. rd1994

    LPU 17 Is Here!

    Stop being insensitive fuckwits "wah wah wah I want my demos" Did you seriously forget what happened? I know that some people WISH to forget, but stop being so insensitive Wrong.
  10. I hate to be that type of guy but the lyric "Or something I should not of done?" should be "Or something I should not have done"
  11. I already have this album on vinyl. Sounds like a cool idea though
  12. I know that its their decision and I'll support them whatever road they will be taking. But my scenario would be that they continue as a five piece. It might just be the fact that we have had Chester for so long but the fact that Chester is replaced is, at this point inconcieveable for me. Mike is a good singer at this point and he would be an awesome frontman too.
  13. I hope that if they continue it will be under a new name. i don't like the thought of them keeping Linkin park alive after such a thing.
  14. I have never felt this bad even two days from the info I am an emotional mess. In hindsight I also feel bad about my comments towards OML. I was one of the many that heavily hated on it and, in gneral I never mince words, because even though "unminced" words hurt badly, when you mince your words to me and tell me after, that hurts me even more. Since my prolems with OML as an album, were mostly related with stuff that chester had to do with (lyrics and vocal delivery), I wouldn't say I feel responsible, but I feel bad about saying what I did, because in hindisight I do know where hes coming from. Like for a lack of a better word, it had to come to this to realize how meaningful the lyrics really are. Chester. I miss you so much.
  15. Did you really just...? YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW!
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