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  1. They don't have many songs that can be performed with only Mike on vocals. I can't see them go on tour as a 5-piece with Chester's vocals played from tape, that would be really weird. I think they're either going to do a tribute show with guest vocalists and then split up, or find a new vocalist who will be able to sing Chester's parts. Probably the biggest question that the band will have for themselves is going to be "What would be Chester's will ? Would he want us to carry on, or just leave it as it is ?"
  2. It's devastating. It hit me really hard yesterday, but today it's even harder. I can't believe that we won't hear Chester's voice anymore. I'm not going to write a long post, nor do I have strength to do so. I just wanna thank him for being part of my life, for writing a songs that inspired me to pick up a guitar, and helped me through many rough times in my life. Rest In Peace, Chester.
  3. The band themselves don't even know, what they're going to do in the future. We should really give them some time to sort things out... Chester was the voice of Linkin Park, he wrote the lyrics. It's definitely going to be really hard to accept the fact that the band goes on with some other vocalist. I don't really have opinion on whether they should continue, or break up at this point. But if they decide that this is the end, all of them will surely find their paths. Mike is more likely going to do Fort Minor / produce other artists, Joe is going to go back to art/filmmaking, I can see Rob, Dave and Brad either playing with other artists, or retiring as a musicians.
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