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Linkin Park Festival Rumor


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Found this on the net:

Coca-Cola Zero Festival 2009

The Coca-Cola Zero Fest will take place at Johannesburg’s New Market Racecourse on Friday, 10 April 2009 and Cape Town’s Ostrich Farm on Monday, 13 April 2009.


The bands confirmed now are:


■Bullet for My Valentine

■Snow Patrol

■Panic at the Disco


Now I see all the bands in the video in the link, but I also see clips of Linkin Park. It might be nothing, it might be something.




EDIT: Apparently you can vote for LP to play? Link here. And here is another link talking about Linkin Park being rumored to play the festival.

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I doubt this will happen, but that'd be cool for a Summer Sonic-type thing. Metallica just did their first South African shows in 2006, it'd be nice if LP did some sometime and sold the SBDs. I'm interested in the fanbase they have there.


Looks like Road to Revolution footage in the trailer. Nice find. That'd be really sweet if they did this festival, haha. I guess we'll find out soon. It's interesting they used RTR footage though when there's no news of LP shows coming up. Hmm.......

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Well... I wonder, if they can use the Linkin Park Clip for the trailler without the band to be going play there? I think not, they can't use just to the 'trailler', well... thats a little strange.


Anyway, go there: http://www.mycoke.co.za/the-2009-coca-cola...-been-announced


Yoi will see a comment:

Wayne on January 21st, 2009 7:12 am


This is the worst line up i have ever seen, every year they a bring at least one hard rock/ metal band, i have’nt been this dissapointed since the day i found out santa does not exsist. What happend to everyones votes i can remember seeing alot of bullet for my valentine slipknot linkin park and so much more. This just means that nobodys votes count and R600 for golden circle to see this shit so sad…. :-( Please somebody design a page saying ” 2009 coke fest is the worst coke fest. ” You guys suck!!!!!!!!

So its mean that the festival had a 'poll' (voting) for the bands that are going there? .

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