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12.08.2012 - Uncasville, CT, Mohegan Sun Arena


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Last night seemed brilliant. Who’s ready for more? Tonight, it’s Uncasville’s turn to host LP...


This will be LP’s 6th visit to Connecticut, but their first in Uncasville; having previously only ever played Hartford in this region in the final days of Ozzfest ’01, The Family Values Tour in the same year and also on Projekt Revolutions in 2004, 2007, 2008, playing various venues in the city. Out of all these dates, we here at LPL only have show pages for the latter 2 dates on the later Projekt Revolutions, so we know very little about these earlier shows!


As with Bristow, this date on HCT ends a 4 year absence to CT, and the band will finally play Uncasville having been booked to play here on the ATS tour which, along with other dates, was cancelled. The nearest previous dates would have been in New York or Massachusetts just days before Chester fell ill that year. The 2011 date in Uncasville would have taken place on Mike’s Birthday too!

This time around, LP are playing the 12,000 capacity Sun Arena at the Mohegan Resort and Casino, the same arena they were booked to play last year.

Bristow, Uncasville and Cincinnati are all make-up dates, and Incubus are not out on tour with LP yet.


Last night in Bristow certainly kicked it hard – Set C saw the headline show debut of two LIVING THINGS tracks - Lost In The Echo (with a New Intro) followed an encore break, and In My Remains right there in the middle of the set. Crawling was dropped due to curfews, despite being on the paper setlists, but the band played many of their other classics.


For all you ‘gear’ and production fans, last night was pretty interesting too – Mike has brought out a new guitar on tour, and if 2012 is the year of the Dragon, then Linkin Park is making sure the thing breathes fire! As last night we saw the band using pyro on Burn It Down, Bleed It Out and show closer, One Step Closer – Moscow Red Square '11 saw the band using fireworks, but this is the first time since 2004 that the band has used proper pyro as part of the production rig.

check out Burn It Down -


Getting to hear new Living Things tracks are pretty cool, and would be the main news focus, but Set C’s mash-ups are taking the main stage – Mike introduced some Numb/Encore lyrics into the outro to Numb, the Bleed It Out/ Sabotage tease premiered in Europe this year has kept its place for all the US fans, but don’t fill up on your starters kids - Victimised/QWERTY/Lying From You/Papercut!? Jaws to the floor! We originally thought that Lying From You and Papercut (no 2nd verse or chorus on either song) were just shortened versions, but were written on the setlists as being part of one big mash-up! We’ve been told to expect songs to be rotated in and out of sets, and Bristow, Uncasville and Cincinnati are all make-up dates with Incubus are not out on tour with LP yet – things could get even more crazy...


In the mean time, take a look at the Debut of Lost In The Echo -


... and the Victimised/QWERTY/Lying From You/Papercut mash-up -


LPL Staff Mark (Hahninator) and Jonas (AndOne) will be present at tonight's show, so come and stop by the MFR both and say hi to them!

Mark will also be tweeting the setlist as it happens from this show up until Alpharetta on the 19th (the first six shows of the tour) Go follow him at twitter.com/hahninator to stay up to date with the shows.


So, who’s going? what do you think will rotate into the set tonight? Can the band possibly have any more surprises for us?

Shinoda: "you guys work really hard, I feel like we bore you a lot of the time at LPLive"

not one bit... This turning out to be a sweet year!


For all your info on HCT and 2012 shows past, present and future, check the year page here


updates from Mark:

Updates: 8:45 LP set time. Also I believe same setlist tonight as last night. New set in Mansfield

Same setlist tonight unless I tweet otherwise.


01. With You

02. Faint

03. Given Up

04. Victimised/QWERTY/Lying From You/Papercut

05. Somewhere I Belong

06. New Divide

07. In My Remains

08. Empty Spaces (?)

09. When They Come For Me

10. Waiting For The End

11. Breaking The Habit

12. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent Medley

13. The Catalyst

14. Burn It Down

15. In The End (w/Pushing Me Away guitar parts)

16. Numb (Joe mess-up - misses intro) (w/Numb.Encore lyrics)

17. Bleed It Out (w/Sabotage bridge)


18. Lost In The Echo (w/ new intro)

19. What I've Done

20. One Step Closer

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Last night in Bristow certainly kicked it hard – Set C saw the headline show debut of two LIVING THINGS tracks - Lost In The Echo (with a New Intro) followed an encore break, and In My Remains right there in the middle of the set. Crawling was dropped, despite being on the setlist due to venue curfew, but the band played many of other classics.

Error, young lady? ;)


The thing I love most about LP compared to other live bands is how they make just little changes to songs to keep them fresh, like the little Encore snippet on Numb and new intro to Lost in the Echo. It makes new tours so much more interesting.

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they used pyro at Mountain View 2004? I've never heard of that ... in which songs?

I have it written down that they used it on Crawling and OSC, but it's not in the guide.

Moscow show page lists it as being used "in 2004" but no mention of show

gimme a sec...


nope, can't find the info. will remove it until someone smarter can tell us haha

I'm doing well today... :lol:

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I feel pumped listening to that song live. Emotional and touching belong to COG, RU & Powerless

Maybe it's just the sound of this live video. Studio version is not tears song, right.


My blood pumping song of Living Things is Lies Greed Misery - as the dancer from Ukraine. :)

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