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While I all believe that they are tech savvy the latency is a technical restriction of capactitive touchscreens (which are used in pretty much every smartphone and tablet). The "normal" APIs you have to program these devices have already a latency of ~300 ms. The 80 ms delay is already when used on the lowest level and without switching out the hardware itself (which is pretty much impossible on apple devices or tablets/smartphones in general) you can't lower it.

To be precise: the latency is not about the software recognizing the input as an actual input. It is the time the touchscreen needs to process the input and send it over to the operating system. I don't think that any tweaks can lower it.


TBH the latency would be that small that its barley noticed. Everything Music is going to have some latency to process the note and turn it into music. Plus, when your using these things night in night out, you get used to the latency and adjust. Kinda like getting the feel for your car. You know how fast you can go into corner without the feel of getting thrown across the car. You feel your instruments. Like for example I run my instruments due to my average ass soundcard at 500ms delay so it has time to process. When using the ipad I feel as tho there is no delay and if there is, it is barley noticeable.


Sorry for the shit example but I hope that clears it up.

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It seems like Joe has stopped using touchscreen MIDI controllers for the (short) North American tour, replacing the Lemur/iPad with a Native Instruments Maschine MK2 with a Custom Kit Dragon Red.




Joe uploaded a picture of his rig during rehearsals before the tour started. You can see the NI Maschine on this picture. https://instagram.com/p/xxbYzIuVfa/?taken-by=mrjoehahn

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