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Linkin Park to play Rock In Rio 2012!


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Another show rumor has surfaced, this time from a media partner of the Rock In Rio festival in Lisbon, Portugal named Blitz PT. Linkin Park Soldiers has an interesting article on the show and LinkinParkBR has a list of bands they believe will be playing.


LPSpain seems pretty confident in the show, their site saying "While there is still no official confirmation from the festival itself, we can confirm you for sure that Linkin Park will be performing in Lisbon on 26 May." They seem to be joining Smashing Pumpkins, Limp Bizkit and The Offspring at the festival.


The last time LP performed in Portugal was at the RockOne Festival in 2009 (show page here) and they previously played at the Rock In Rio Festival in 2008 (show page here). While nothing is confirmed, this rumor appears to be pretty strong!


/edit: The show has been confirmed via the official website here.


EDIT 2: Linkin Park has confirmed the appearance on their Facebook page: "We'll be playing the Rock in Rio Festival in Lisbon, Portugal on May 26. Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 3 here: http://www.ticketline.pt/Calendario.aspx"

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Really cool to see the rumor confirmed. Doesn't matter if LB is playing the same day. I must be one of the only LPL members who enjoy this band, but still....:)

you're not the only one enjoying this band, just wanted to let ya know! :)

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