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Skylar Grey - New Digital EP


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Skylar Grey has just put out a new digital-EP today, The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey. It's a 3-track release, containing her full-length solo versions of several songs that she's written - "Love The Way You Lie" (Eminem and Rihanna), "Coming Home" (Diddy-Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey), and "Words I Never Said" (Lupe Fiasco feat. Skylar Grey). As you all know, Skylar (formerly Holly Brook) was signed to LP's Machine Shop Recordings label years ago and released her debut album "Like Blood, Like Honey" on it. She went on to be featured on Fort Minor's "Where'd You Go" and "Be Somebody" and now is pursuing a solo career under her new name.


"Love The Way You Lie, Pt. III (Original Demo)" has risen 40+ places on the iTunes Top Songs chart since its midnight release last night on the 17th, so far having risen to #101 as of this posting. Click the artwork below to grab your copy of the EP for $3!


Posted Image


We wish Skylar the best of luck in the future!

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That's NOT LP. Holly just made one song with Mike. This doesn't means the site post about her things.

Actually, as you can see, only because of that we did post about her... :)

So, don't like - don't read, don't post negative comments, and everyone's happy :)

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