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Favorite LP Period


What is better  

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  1. 1. Which Linkin Park period is better?

    • Hybrid Theory- Meteora
    • Minutes to Midnight
    • A Thousand Suns

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When HT and Meteroa came out I was a huuuge fan. So I voted for those, but to be honest I feel like I connect more with A Thousand Sun now then I do the older albums. Maybe maturity...I don't know...I do know Minutes To Midnight is my least favorite period...

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ATS - for many reasons.


The feel of it before it came out was so amazing. I became a hardcore fan after the release of MTM, so i never had the enjoyment of seeing the album release. The ATS album information trickled out, and was just so cool. The Art and the concept of it all is just amazing. I still get chills down my back when listening to the requiem. Ive listened to it on Vinyl so many times and its just great. ATS was the first LP concert i went to, pretty amazing also.

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BY FAR the MTM era for me. I absolutely love every song on the album, most live performances from 2006-2008, and I also love all the b-sides, and even the seeds from the making of MTM DVD. I don't know why I love the album so much, I just do. It was the most 'rock' and 'alternative' sounding LP album to date IMO, maybe that is why. I love how Chester did a majority of the vocals on this album, and Mike's rapping in BIO, HHH, Blackbirds and his singing in In Between, No Roads Left and backing vocals are awesome too. Chester dressed really rock/punk during this era and he had this punk rock kind of attitude going on at that time as well which was awesome. And last but not least, I think a good part of the reason why is because I went to the Laurel Canyon studio in 2007 and I got to see where the album was worked on, etc. I also saw my first LP show in 2007 and went to three PR07 shows that year. Was awesome...

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I like more Minutes To Midnight. The album was great with so many new beautiful songs and the concerts was magnificent! The shows were amazing all around the world!!! That atmosphere and that songs.

good shout


MTM started what became ATS, so many people hate it, but without it ATS may not have happened

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I voted for HT-M, because I really like their oldschool style. They joked around a lot, went crazy on almost every show and had this .. we do what we want, we are Linkin Park-aura.


But no doubt, MTM was awesome too. If you watch The Making Of Minutes To Midnight, you can see LP joking around and having so much fun about reinvent theirselfes. They looked like grown up, childish guys, I liked that. Also Mikes hairstyle was the shit :D


Nowadays, they seem like .. they ACT funny, fresh and this. They are still awesome and making wonderful music by being the best band ever, but I don't really like their changing.

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I voted for A Thousand Suns before, but I think Minutes to Midnight is actually my favorite era of the band. The success of Minutes to Midnight really allowed them to make A Thousand Suns. They proved that they can be successful making the music they wanted. Also, they covered Just Like Heaven during the Minutes to Midnight touring cycle, so there's that.

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