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What 'concert stuff' have you got?


concert stuff  

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  1. 1. What 'concert stuff' do you have got ?

    • Signed stuff
    • Pick/Drumsticks
    • (A) bottle(s) of water or another drink
    • Setlist(s)
    • Anything else (please post, what)

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a few minutes ago I reminded that I always wanted to make a thread like this. Let me specify my question a little bit: What kind of special stuff from LP live concerts do you have ? For example a signed CD/DVD/Poster/Picture/Whatever, drumstick, guitar pic, guitar and so on. I was thinking about that for a couple of minutes and then I wanted to create a thread about it.


Myself, have a *bottle of water, touched and thrown by Mike Shinoda*. This maybe sounds childish but I was happy like a little boy, who gets tons of chocolate. I was in Cologne, 2010 and after Bleed It Out, Mike threw the bottle into the crowd .. and I fucking catched it. God, what an awesome moment. First concert and already got Mikes DNA on a item that I can call my own now xD


Unfortunenately, this is my only 'super duper LP special stuff', but let's hear what the rest of the forum has got ;)





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Sounds cool :)

I'd like to have a sign too, but I don't know how to get a M&G without being a member of LPU.

How hard is it to catch a pick ? I mean .. you can't see them that good and they don't really fly, they just..fall. haha I guess there is more jam if a band member throws something into the crowd after they played their set, than during the show.

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1x 2010 Phoenix Guitar pick

1x ATS 2010 pick


2x Stockholm, Sweden 2011 Setlists (They are different, I think there was a mistake)

1x Brisbane, Australia 2010 setlist

1x 2010 Brisbane>Homebush Night tour sheet.

2x ATS Yellow Catering Sheets

1x ATS Yellow Fuel Sheets

2x Stockholm, Sweden 2011 TIME SHEET

1x Stockholm, Sweden 2011 TIME SHEET (different)

1x Stockholm, Sweden 2011 Wifi sheet

1x Stockholm, Sweden 2011 After show menu

1x Stockholm, Sweden 2011 Before show Menu

1x Pass check poster




1x Rigging/Lighting/Stage setup (LOTS of stuff i dont understand) With "MR.X" in the corner - Booklet

1x 'FOH' Rigging/Lighting/Stage setup (LOTS of stuff i dont understand) - Booklet


Not sure if this counts. (LP tickets)

1x Brisbane 2010 ticket stub

1x Rock am Ring 2007 ticket stub

1x Sonisphere 2009 ticket stub

1x french 2008 ticket stub

1x 24-april-08 ticket stub

1x 27-jan-08 ticket stub

# Picture 1 (All)

# Picture 2 (Booklets which i don't understand) They have like, numbers and model numbers and colour coded stuff. And stage diagrams, and maximum weights for bits of stage. Quite interesting if your into that stuff, but means nothing to me. Its mainly for Lighting and connecting everything together, But i don't know. I might scan the booklets and put them into PDF's.

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@Ginger: Hell yeah, this is awesome :D How many concert have you been to, that you've got that much stuff ? Only the ones, you got tickets from ? Anyways, very interesting .. how did you get this Time sheets ? o.O

Actually, I have only been to One of those concerts, a friend gave the other ticket stubs to me. Those two picks were the only things i got from shows. The setlists and all those signs and stuff i bought off ebay quite cheap.
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I have a ticket to Poland show, also a Promo poster from it (actually few of those)... and also a Meet & Greet pass to that show.


And LP signed my Mike's Art Book at M&G.

Nice stuff :)

I'd wish to have more of this, but all the merchandise things are so expensive. I mean .. a T-Shirt for 30$ ? Too much. I've got the Inhaler and the 2010 World Tour T-Shirt from the Cologne Show last year, but last one was a musthave for me.

Anyways .. how about that Art Book, SergSlim ? What kind of paintings are in there ?

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I have an AAA pass to The Blackout's show in Lincoln Engine Shed, I didn't buy it off ebay or anything it was a pass that I actually was given for the gig, plus i found a guitar pick near the sound desk at the end of the show, it was just a regular dunlop pick with no band branding so i don't know who it belonged to, and i don't think someone who caught it would have just left it for someone else - might have got dropped there during the set-up or something.

also got a water bottle from The Blackout gig in Hull Uni 2 days before, i think i threw it out though since it wasn't like i caught it, i kept the water bottle from Alexisonfire since i did actually have to catch that one :P


and of course there's the usual stuff like ticket stubs, festival wristbands. i got a few albums and EPs signed after gigs at the merch booth - relatively small uk band-type stuff, but still - they mean alot to me :)


shit i misread the topic title! i've got a ticket stub from Soni 2009... that's it :P

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- Ticket stubs and wristbands for the first wave breaker from the shows i´m attended

- M&G Pass, LPU6.0 shirt,some stickers, Reanimation DVD, a signed ATS tour poster and unused picks from the Stuttgart Show last year

- 2 used picks and a sheet which explains the different passes from the Frankfurt show last year

- MTM 08 Inhaler tour shirt

- Projekt Revolution 08 tour shirt

- 09 tour shirt

- ATS tour shirt

- Projekt Revolution 11 tour shirt

- DSP cardsleeves from 09 and 10


i think that´s all


@ Jats

in germany you have too pay 35 Euro for the shirts thats about almost 50$ they only change the currency at the shows not the price

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so you got all the Stockholm stuff on ebay? That's cool! Saw it back then and put all the nice pictures on the show page. Glad that someone we know bought all that stuff.



I have some stuff too, Tickets of course, two setlists I think. And I collect backstage passes, I have quite a few by now.



Everything mentioned in this thread here we don't have a picture/scan on the show pages yet


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I met LP 4 times at 4 different meet and greets in 2007 and got multiple things signed (LPU4 CD, MTM Super Fan Pack, Collision Course, HTEP (ORIGINAL) and a signed 2007 Tour Headband Thing. I also have


- Mike Shinoda Guitar Pick (2008 Winter Tour)


- Elias's drumstick from Ulalume 2009 (DBS Show)


- Hybrid Theory (Signed by Mr. Hahn at SURU in 2007 a few months before MTM dropped with personal note)


-Fort Minor Special Edition CD Signed (Signed by Mike, Ryu, Tak, Holly Brook (Skylar Grey now), Beatdown and Eric Bobo) from the February 2006 tour in the US for FM.


- Rob's drumstick from the Mansfield 2012 show.


- Chester's tanktop from Honda Civic Tour/2012 Tour

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