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  1. New arrivals in the last weeks: PTS.OF.ATHRTY Taiwan VCD LOATR 2 track EU promo SOTD 1 track Eu promo LPU11 package (finally) Waiting For The End US Test Pressing SOTD Digital Clone Live In Texas Numb DVD Trailer OSC/WY Street Team Sampler sealed No More Sorrow US promo Songs From The Underground japanese issue Hybrid Theory japanese reissue Ozzfest 2000 sampler Frat Party At Pancake Festival Thai VCD and a MTM Deluxe Editon sold as MTM Super Fan Edition for 125$, but I´m still discussing with the asshole who ripped me off about returning and get my money back
  2. One thing was forgotten for those who signed up für LPU11 before yesterday. Every annual member has a guarenteed M&G at the next touring cycle even LPU11 expires before. @Stone44 with the 25$ membership you get all the online benefits, the lanyard for the early entrance, chances for a M&G and the possibility to buy a summit ticket with the 60$ membership you get all benefits from the 25$ membership, a possible summit is included and you get the merch package includes shirt, flag and a earplug case but in both cases you have to buy the LPU11 cd seperately
  3. Just look the Worlds On Fire Show from Prodigy at Milton Keys and compare it with the Road To Revolution Show and you stop laughing. You can´t compare The Prodigy in the states and in europe especially in UK
  4. Some arrivals in the last weeks: Numb cardsleeve SIB single and promo in cardsleeve SOTD cardsleeve FTI cardsleeve 99 Problems/OSC UK promo Dirt Off Your Shoulder/LFY US promo In The End cd/vhs combo Crawling Japanese DVD
  5. 1. Untitled 2. Reading My Eyes 3. Slip 4. Blue 5. Esaul 6. Rhinestone
  6. - Ticket stubs and wristbands for the first wave breaker from the shows i´m attended - M&G Pass, LPU6.0 shirt,some stickers, Reanimation DVD, a signed ATS tour poster and unused picks from the Stuttgart Show last year - 2 used picks and a sheet which explains the different passes from the Frankfurt show last year - MTM 08 Inhaler tour shirt - Projekt Revolution 08 tour shirt - 09 tour shirt - ATS tour shirt - Projekt Revolution 11 tour shirt - DSP cardsleeves from 09 and 10 i think that´s all @ Jats in germany you have too pay 35 Euro for the shirts thats about almost 50$ they only change the currency at the shows not the price
  7. just ordered: Hybrid Theory Advanced Promo Reanimation Dual Disc Iridescent US Promo thanks to Woco once again from ebay: LPU v9.0 card sleeve LIT Faint/OSC Street Team black card sleeve so i think only two Street Team samplers left, the Numb DVD Trailer for LIT and the OSC/With You. Has anybody one of these for sale?
  8. They are added every year to the rumors especially because the organizer of Rock Am Ring also organizes the german tour dates of Linkin Park.
  9. I put a upload link from the WTFE Non Rap Version at the LPU9 Demo Thread Hope you enjoy it
  10. New in my collection: Hybrid Theory EP LPU Reissue ( finally the real deal ) Waiting For The End Promo Non Rap Version ( sorry Woco ) Live In Texas DVD Amaray
  11. Next try: http://www.ebay.de/itm/280747351150?ssPage...984.m1439.l2649 I hope not another bootleg
  12. Everythings arrives good thanks again And yes If you need some help for searching stuff Woco is the man for the job
  13. I was sure that I don´t have a HTEP fake, because the only fake i knew about at this time was the one with the spelling mistake. Then Woco told me about the other fake with the dismissed colours and I´m one of the unlucky guys who bought this.
  14. yes little if i compared with some other collections ;-) Thanks god that I´m not interested in collecting vinyls, tapes or vhs, otherwise I hardly had a space problem. The only items I´m still searching for are the cardsleeve versions of the cd singles, a lot of promo cds and a HTEP which isn´t faked
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