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23.09.2011 - Bangkok, Thailand


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The second to last show of the Asian Tour for Linkin Park comes in Bangkok, Thailand on the 23rd as they are set to play at Aktive Square. This is the tenth show in Asia out of eleven total, the final coming in Singapore on the 25th. LP has played in Thailand twice...Bangkok both times- the first appearance coming in 2004 (show page here). Ironically, the end of that five show run in Asia in 2004 ended the same way this tour is ending, with shows at Bangkok's Aktive Square and Singapore's Padang being the last two shows of the tour. In 2007, Bangkok was the first show of the Asian Tour (show page here) and had two songs dropped ('Crawling' and 'The Little Things Give You Away') due to the show starting really late....maybe LP arrived late to the venue?


Chester also visited Thailand in February 2005 to tour tsunami damage and visit with locals. This occurred shortly before the first of only two LP shows in 2005 - the Music For Relief Benefit Show (show page here) for victims of the tsunami disaster in Asia in 2004.


In addition, Fort Minor played the same venue in February 2006 (show page here) on their Asian Tour when they opened up for 50 Cent.


Here's a video of 'Don't Stay' opening the show the first time they played Bangkok, with that awesome 2004 'Gacela Of The Dark Death' intro we all love so much:



So, on to this tour. 'Blackout' has now been played at five shows in a row: Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Taipei and Jakarta. Will it make it into the set for the last two shows in Asia? If so, it will have been played a total of 8 times on this tour and that will tie the record for the tour with the most "Blackouts" (the North American Tour earlier this year).


'Cure For The Itch' doesn't look like it's going to reappear in 2011 unless it's used in Pensacola, FL for the one-off show at the DeLuna Festival next month. After being sung over the bridge of 'Bleed It Out' twice in a row (at Chiba night 2 and in Yokohama), 'No Roads Left' hasn't made an appearance at the last four shows. Will it come back for one of the final two shows of the tour? Any other guesses for the end of the tour?


- Live updates for this show were from LPTimes, AmmieTheStrange and LPAssociation -



01. The Requiem

02. Papercut

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. What I've Done

06. Empty Spaces

07. When They Come For Me

08. No More Sorrow

09. Jornada Del Muerto

10. Waiting For The End

11. Burning In The Skies

12. Numb

13. The Radiance (Live Version)

14. Breaking The Habit

15. Fallout (Abbreviated / shortened)

16. The Catalyst

17. Crawling

18. Faint

19. One Step Closer


20. Wisdom, Justice, & Love

21. Iridescent

22. New Divide

23. In The End

24. Bleed It Out ('A Place For My Head' bridge)


- The show started much later than planned due to rain/bad weather.

- 'Blackout was dropped' and 'Fallout' was shortened.

- Phoenix did not appear at this show.


EDIT: Video of 'The Requiem' and 'Papercut' with a crew member playing bass on the right side of the stage.


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Hi there, I'm going to the show tonight at the Aktiv Square open air............the LP crowd coming to the show almost 45,000 at the aktiv square, stay tune I will tape this show such as the 2007 show.



And either not trade it or request billions of other masters :rolleyes:

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so disappointed that I can't go even though its not so far from where I live but best tickets were all sold out :(


คุณแน่ใจหรอว่าบ้านคุณอยู่ไกลจาก กทม.

แล้วแน่ใจหรอว่าตั๋วขายหมด ??แต่ดีแล้วแหล่ะที่ไม่มาเพราะฝนตก

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Yeast isn't the show about to start? lol - are you at the venue?


Hi mark, the LP show will start as soon.......but we have a problem on stage cuz tonight have a strong raining

that why they take a break for the guest bands (Ebola band + Sweet mullet band) and extend the time for LP show, you know the Aktiv square is outdoor venue as the same place for 2004 and 2007 show. I'll be back, enjoy. =)

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Wow, LP is playing late there then. It's 11pm there.



Found this on LPA page:


SETLIST (Courtesy of our friends at LPTimes):


01. The Requiem

02. Papercut

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. What I've Done

06. When They Come For Me (Empty Spaces reportedly skipped)

07. No More Sorrow

08. Jornada Del Muerto

09. Waiting For The End

10. Burning In The Skies

11. Numb

12. The Radiance

13. Breaking The Habit

14. Fallout

15. The Catalyst

16. Crawling


Note: Many people have reported that Dave is sick and did not perform on stage tonight. No word on what he is sick from, or whom is filling in for him if this report is true.

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คุณแน่ใจหรอว่าบ้านคุณอยู่ไกลจาก กทม.

แล้วแน่ใจหรอว่าตั๋วขายหมด ??แต่ดีแล้วแหล่ะที่ไม่มาเพราะฝนตก

ก็ตั๋วหน้ามันหมดอะ เพื่อนก็ไม่ไปด้วย ฮ่าๆ แต่ก็ไปที่หน้าคอนนะก็มีคนขายบัตรแต่กลัวมันไม่ใช่ตั๋วจริงก็ไม่กล้าเลย

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Aw, poor people, the monsoon is hitting hard this time.

Wow, can't believe they're playing without Phoenix. Interesting show..


Edit: Sorry, but i forgot Mike Shinoda, Mike use to play more bass back in the days, he might be taken over some of the stuff.

But it might get hard on some songs, for an example as Numb. I guess Mike won't deal with the bass + a piano beat at the same time hah.

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