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Linkin Park tribute show in Moscow


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Our friends at LPMoscow.ru have organized a unique event. On September 29th there will be a concert with five well-known Linkin Park cover bands. This is a special opportunity for fans in Moscow to meet up and hear their favorite songs in an altogether festive atmosphere. Expect plenty of contests and prizes at the show.

Fellow hardcore LP fans and plenty of alcohol! Be there!

For venue and ticket purchasing information, head over to the official event page.
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Well, finally!


I hope the event will be great.

I was once at an event where there was a screen and projector playing P.O.D. music videos, live shows, etc... it was quite badass. Nice atmosphere, and everything.


I wish I could go to such an event with LP cover bands. Too bad, nobody will organize anything like that in my city.

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Yeah that's fucking awesome !


Hope you can get some videos for us ! ;D


I've got the same project with a friend, we want to do show tribute to LP.

We already made the sets (lol) and if this show happens I will tell you :D

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Why do I think that Robot Boy's live debut won't be performed by Linkin Park themselves :D



In Ukraine we have some cover bands for 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, Rammstein and others but not Linkin Park :P I think they are can't get in pace with Mike's singing and they wouldn't even try to cover Chester :D

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