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30.08.2011 - Las Vegas, NV

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On the 30th, LP plays their second show this year in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada by performing at The Joint @ Hard Rock Hotel. This past February as we all know, Chester's sickness caused the band to cancel three shows on the North American Tour (Washington DC, Uncasville, and Cincinnati) and reschedule two of them for later (Houston and Dallas). The first show after the tour disruption was in Las Vegas on February 19 at the MGM Grand Arena (show page here).


Linkin Park has played in Las Vegas quite a bit over the years - the first recorded time was in October of 2000. In 2002, the last show of Projekt Revolution was held there (show page here). LP played a warmup show, their first at The Joint, in June 2003 a few days before Summer Sanitarium kicked off (show page here). That was likely the first time 'Figure.09' and 'Numb' were played live. In 2004, the Thomas & Mack Center (same venue as their 2002 show) hosted LP's Meteora World Tour, and as we all know in 2008, they played two back-to-back shows at The Joint in March with abbreviated setlists due to Chester recovering from being sick (show pages here and here). Later that year, Valerie Cossio won an LP remix contest and was going to have the band play a one-off show in October (coincidentally also before that year's Asian Tour) but it was canceled at the last minute (along with the Asian shows) because Chester was hurt. Valerie was flown to Greece in 2009 to see LP there and spend a few weeks in Europe instead.


So as you can see, LP has some history in Vegas! In 2007, LP played three shows in Vegas back-to-back after Projekt Revolution. The first one was for Halo 3 and a VMA Party (show page here), the second was a full-on show outside the Hard Rock Hotel (show page here), and the third was their VMA performance (show page here) - check out the video below of the band collaborating with Timbaland for the intro of 'Bleed It Out':



This show is a one-off event at The Joint before LP plays their "Secret Show for Japan" on the 31st in Los Angeles before heading to Asia for 11 shows in September. Rehearsals reportedly for these shows only lasted *one* day though, so we'll have to see what will happen. Is LP going to play their LA set in Vegas to rehearse it and fine tune it before the Secret Show? These are the smallest shows the band has played all year.


One thing to think about for these shows is that we recently learned the band wants to debut 'Robot Boy' (the only song not played off of "A Thousand Suns") in a "unique way". Are these shows a good opportunity to do so? Would you like to see it performed? Will 'Wretches & Kings' and 'The Messenger' stay out of the set for the remainder of the year or will they be brought back for these shows? Or will LP surprise us and throw in a song like 'With You' that fans would love to see? What about 'Rolling In The Deep' being a setlist staple for 2011? Anything can happen as we know. They've been in the studio for a while - is a new song possible? What do you think they'll play or what would you like to see them play?


Who is going to Vegas? Anyone going to both Las Vegas and LA? M&G for any members of LPLive? Anyone live-updating the setlist?


EDIT 1: Pooch on Facebook: "Loading out after successful rehearsal. Worked on some new stuff for upcoming Asia shows. YAY."

EDIT 2: Pooch again: "Different set lists at some shows. Can't tell you what they will be, but definitely different from Europe."



01. Cure For The Itch (First time since 24.08.2008)

02. Faint

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. What I've Done

06. No More Sorrow

07. From The Inside

08. Jornada Del Muerto

09. Waiting For The End

10. Burning In The Skies

11. Numb

12. The Radiance (Live Version)

13. Iridescent

14. Fallout

15. The Catalyst

16. Shadow Of The Day

17. In The End

18. Bleed It Out ('A Place For My Head' bridge)


19. Empty Spaces

20. When They Come For Me

21. Papercut

22. New Divide

23. Crawling

24. One Step Closer


Setlist picture via Pooch can be found here.


'Cure For The Itch' video:

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I don't think they'll ever play again Rolling in the Deep, and I'm very happy with that. And I'm not saying that because I don't like the song, I think Mike and Chester did an incredible work with it and made it even better than the original, but it was a one night thing


I also think that, according to what the band has said, Robot Boy could be played at this show, as it is a special thing, or maybe at the secret show. I think if they play it will be kinda special and one time thing too


As for old songs, maybe they'll bring back something in Asia

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I don't think they'll ever play again Rolling in the Deep, and I'm very happy with that. And I'm not saying that because I don't like the song, I think Mike and Chester did an incredible work with it and made it even better than the original, but it was a one night thing

better than the original? That's just stanning right there
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Pooch said on FB they worked on new stuff for Asia. I bet they'll do some different stuff.



What I want to happen: New Song Debut (They have been in the studio)

What won't happen: With You, Robot Boy (At least in Vegas, maybe for Secret Show)

What will probably happen: Same Set, swapped around with Blackout and BITS

a new song debut would be awesome! but watch i be like QWERTY and not make it onto the album in the end, but still that would be cool
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