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World Stage Performance: Linkin Park Live in Moscow 2011 on VH1


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According to the http://mikeshinodaclan.com


Short 30 minute World Stage Performance of Linkin Park live in Moscow will be aired on VH1.

On July 1st at 11PM ET, according to Ailina there is nothing on MTV about this, but maybe the day after as TV Guide is saying it’ll be on TV on July 2nd.


source: For the information thank you Ailina ;) , and http://mikeshinodaclan.com/2011/06/tv-aler...-russia-on-vh1/

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It's possible this really is from 2009. Why would it say 2009 and not 2011? I'm sure the 2011 one will get aired somewhere but this says 2009.

It's most likely 100% the 2009 show as it would take longer than a day to edit a live show [video and audio] and air it.

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More info about the show.


By order of "Paramount" and «DC3 Music Group, LLC» the company "Rivelty Group" has made preparations to shoot multicamera concert of Linkin Park on 23 June 2011 on Red Square in Moscow.


There will be 22 cameras format Full HD, mobile television station (HD truck), 3 camera cranes, 5 automatic cameras and one stabilization system "steadicam" in shooting the concert .



You can check all the camera placements in the next link. There will be no helicopter camera because of security restrictions :(



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