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  1. Mod/admins are free to move it, didn't really know where to place it exactly.
  2. Scala & Kolacny Brothers is a Belgian women's choir, conducted by Stijn Kolacny and arranged and accompanied by Steven Kolacny on the piano. I say LP should invite them in a live show!
  3. And rock werchter is 4-7july so wtf? Ah well only 1h driving so just skip a few other bands on the festival and see lp.
  4. Yea thats sucks!! On werchter lp did it, on pinkpop not? But i hate it when bands do that just like R.E.M did too...
  5. as far as i understood what they said there ll be no lp.....lp change your fucking label!
  6. they ll show a piece in like 1hour 55minz from now. but only 15 to 30 minz.
  7. No linkin park streaming! (according Eins+) for this evening they broadcast so no linkin park. But 90% sure it ll be on mtv in the next months.
  8. Sergslim: any chance you let me do so? I want to upload it on lpbits same name as here.
  9. 03.02.2001 San Bernardino, CA => 3 songs proshot (as seen on youtube) ((10.02.2001 St. Louis, MO => m&g video)) DVD low q 15.11.2003 San Bernardino, CA => i got a proshot from Papercut, poa, bth (don't know from where i got it long time already) (not 200% sure if it's from this show)
  10. NED3HD: In the end & Bleed it out cultura24: The What I've Done & Burn It Down?? (if they broadcast it must have been on tv already....?)
  11. I think until now only ite & bio are broadcasted on tv. If they broadcast the others it ll be on culturama24?
  12. So after all i went to Pinkpop i left at 5pm home and i arrived just in time to go front stage (3min before they let people back in) It was a stunning show but Lp live and Lp at a festival are pretty different i see. Like on Werchter the crowd doesn't really go crazy although i managed to be in the pit in werchter and pinkpop (didn't want to with some valuable stuff in my pockets) The crowd was pretty cool not that active but when WID started they went crazy for the rest of the show. At festivals lp can't do the same to a crowd like Metallica,muse or Queens of the stone age, iron Maiden yet haha, i hope they ll be able to do it in the future! So i recorded some video's and uploading now got a song or 7/8 in the next 3h everything ll be online...just check my uploaded video's anyone interested in the "raw" files? but going sleep already 4am i better start living at Florida time zone
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