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Giveaway: 2 Tickets for Linkin Park in Munich/München on June 25th


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Hey guys,

just got 2 tickets for the Linkin Park concert in Munich on June 25th at the Messegelände Riem.

Unfortunately I can't make it to the show so I thought to give them to you people here.


To make things not that easy, I have just one task for you to do:

Think of a number between 1 and 1000, post it here,

and in seven days (May 17th),

if your number posted is the nearest to the number I just thought of,

you will get those 2 tickets instantly via international mail (offline, of course ;)).

If two numbers posted have the exact same difference to my number, the earlier post wins.


Oh, one thing I forgot: You're allowed to post only ONE number, so think carefully ;) (and don't post a number another user posted already)




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@dude above me: seriously?? You're from washington.

Not any different than Mark flying to Europe to see LP. If he has the cash for a plane ticket and a passport its feasible.

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I wont be able to go, and im not going to guess the number right, but i feel like guessing anyway. Its not like im going to be right :P



LOL if your correct.


This is an awesome display of Linkin Park fan generosity.

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Just as a precaution the staff asked the person who has these tickets to provide us with a photo of the tickets, as an effort to ensure that our members weren't getting scammed. Based on that, the tickets look legitimate, they are similar to every other ticket that has come from the German shows.

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