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Happy Birthday Pooch!


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Today is Pooch's birthday! Ken (aka Pooch) handles Linkin Park's live sound while they are on tour. He has worked for the band since they started the "Minutes To Midnight" touring cycle in 2007 and is the main reason why the band sounds like they do live (see: GREAT). He has to make sure every instrument and microphone is properly mixed on stage so that they sound perfect when the band is playing. For "A Thousand Suns" live, that is no easy task!


Pooch mixes the DSPs everyone enjoys so much (the recording you get of the shows, aka the Digital Souvenir Package) with Dylan, and also worked with Dead By Sunrise on their tour last year.


If you were with us in 2007, you'll know that Mike took time mid-set in Melbourne, Australia (the same night Chester broke his wrist) three years ago today to have the crowd sing happy birthday to him. Pretty cool!


So please help us in wishing Pooch a very happy birthday today!



You can read our 2008 interview with Pooch here.

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Happy beloved Birthday Pooch!!!


Thank You so much for all the efforts you do for us LP fans and especially for LPLive. You are amazing! I'll definately will meet you after the concerts when the crowd is going home ;D

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