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Jammin' with Hybrid Theroy 1999 Video


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I don't know if someone already put this, if so tell me...well this is something I found in youtube, is call "Jammin' with Hybrid Theroy", in the video description says this:


Songs in the background:

0:05 - 2:25 Esaul demo.

2:39 - 3:26 Unknown drum demo

3:51 - 6:28 Another esaul demo with different lyrics

6:30 - 6:49 Forgotten demo

6:53 - 8:00 Mr Hanh scratching

8:00 - 8:22 Unknown song


Here the video:



The video is by linkingabo :D


What do you think?

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I read on the wiki that the person with the bass guitar on this video is Scott Koziol.


With the great difficulty I can believe that it's really Scott. )))




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