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i think you posted the pic at LPL some time ago, Mark.

maybe they copy it. agree with LPxDC i hate this site, it's always the same shit with them taking our things and don't give credits or such thing! it was the same with the DSP's from 2009 they just copied all of our links and posted them on their page and even mentioned LPL! :angry:


EDIT: i can still see marks shoulder on the pic on the left side in the corner down^^

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Check it out!


http://www.bazinga!.com/ Notice the picture of Mark Fiore?


Look familiar?


Hilarious. I wonder how bazinga! got ahold of a picture of Fiore and I from last summer, haha.

Hahninator FTW.


bazinga! FTL.


Hahn, you should watermark it with a big blue/white HAHNINATOR....lol. :rolleyes:

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hate this stuff. is there anything we can do against them?

Nope. Thieves are everywhere and you can't do anything about it.

Also there are hundreds of people in Russia who think that bazinga! is da best, and VetaLP is GOD in LP World.

It's hard to make them think different, cause bazinga! is one of those sites that provides tons of illegal media and people love it.


The best thing we can do about it - is to forget them, don't give a shit about them...

I just tell people who I talk to, and who tells me something about bazinga! - that it's a terrible site, and I don't want to hear about it. If they ask why - I tell them.


Yup. This.


Fixed! :lol:


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siiiick... i previously saw some news stolen from LPL and other russian fan-sites, but for some reason almost every person in Russia and Post-Soviet Union countries know what LP is, they think that LPR is "the best russian fan-site..."

But for real, they've become so popular only for stolen news and a tiny part of their own "exclusives"..

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