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  1. finally! couldn't wait for BIT...pity they haven't played one of these during the european tour ..great videos
  2. awesomeness!! great you could hand a shirt to mike!
  3. i'll be in frankfurt and stuttgart and missing in the list ^^ marie
  4. I'll be there! see you in stuttgart and frankfurt!!
  5. The song i can relate the most to is probably "Walking In Circles" because there was a time in my life where i felt really really bad and the song kinda describes my feelings at this point and it kinda helped me out a lot at this time. Also i love it because the lyrics seem so deep and profound and are actually true in some ways.
  6. Your username: SpikeShinizzle Username of your nominee: DeniseShinizzle Which prize they would receive: The LPU CD's Reason for nomination: I think Denise really deserves the prize because she is a really dedicated LP fan and spends a lot of time with promoting Linkin Park and is really engaged with LP news and so on. Also she is a friend of mine and i really like her (another reason why i think she'd deserves it ) I think someone who spends so much time with LP related things would deserve to win that prize so she gets a little "thank you" (so to speak) for her work
  7. fuck i want that album now! sounds amazing!
  8. cool...i hoped it would be earlier in septermber as well though...
  9. My favourite Live Moment is actally from a show i haven't been to ( But i wish i were!). The Linkin Park show in London at the O² arena is my favorite show (from the lp bootlegs). I love that show because the setlist is awesome, they played many of my favourite songs like Hands Held High, My December, A place For My Head, Numb, Valentines Day etc. I especially love the live version of My December because it feels so...emotional And also the long Inro on Apfmh is awesome! Well...that wasn't actually a special moment...but more a whole special show i had loved to go to...
  10. that's really really cool! great work!! Drop That is my fav so far...havent listend to all of them till now though best 3 tracks imo: Chillin' out my vlotage,Drop That,You're not alone again: awesome!
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