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Linkin Park vs. Mobb Deep MASH-UP

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while searching through some mixtapes i found a mixtape of rock vs rap, the mixtape is really good and it even features a mash up of linkin park vs mobb deep (the track only uses the instrumental of in the end and some samples of chester's "it starts with one thing", so dont expect mike's rap verse), LP is on track 7


Made by DJ Muggs (from cypress hill) and DJ Warrior

Mixtape: Mash-up radio vol. 1



1.Mashupradio.Com & DJWarrior.Biz Intro

2.Dr. Dre & 2Pac Vs. Rage

3.Biggie Vs. Joan Jett

4.Outkast Vs. Queen

5.Jadakis Vs. Muse

6.Jay-Z Vs. Sublime

7.Mobb Deep Vs. Linkin Park

8.Franz Ferdinand Vs. Beastie Boys

9.NaS Vs. Led Zeppelin

10.Transplants Vs. Kanye West

11.Lloyd Banks Vs. Sound Garden

12.OBT Vs. Joe Budden

13.LL Cool J Vs. Aerosmith

14.Johnny Cash Vs. NaS

15.Rick Ruben Vs. Beastie Boys

16.Ludacris Vs. Disturbed

17.Ying Yang Twins Vs. Rage

18.Jay-Z Vs. Tool

19.Metallica Vs. Fabolous

20.Nirvana Vs. 50 Cent

21.Gary Newman Vs. Eminem & Dre

22.2Pac Vs. Jimi Hendrix

23.Kool G Rap Vs. Jimi Hendrix

24.NaS Vs. Happy Monday

25.Mobb Deep Vs. Rush

26.Rakim Vs. Porno For Pyros

27.Xzibit Vs. Marilyn Manson


Download the full mixtape here (need to be registered)

Or just the LP vs Mobb Deep track here

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Mixing classic rock like Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix with hip-hop shit? That's a shame. :wacko: <_< :angry:

hip hop isnt shit, hip hop owns rock, the headman of LP mike shinoda is a rapper -_-


I've never been much of a fan of the whole 'mash rock and rap' thing. It's only worked in a couple that I've heard from me.

so only mash ups made by you are good?
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