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Club Tattoo 13th Anniversary


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Walking In Circles is the most played song on my iTunes right now. I'm so hyped for a studio version.

What the hell, its on itunes???

I think he meant he has the recording we have on his itunes.

Yea, I have the recorded version on my iTunes

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I am so eager for the Dead By Sunrise release! The songs I have heard so far blew me away. Hopefully they will then tour perhaps along with an LP tour so I have a chance of seeing these performed live.


Chester has some serious vocal skills! LP and DBS rule my mp3 player!

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Didn't this show have a professional recording?

there was allegedly gonna be one as stated on chaz's blog he said

Hey everyone what's up? It's been awhile since I've posted anything so

i wanted to keep you in the loop. On May 10 we at Club Tattoo are

celebrating our 13th anniversary. Julien K will be performing as well

as Rabbit in the Moon. There will also be some of the dopest DJ's

around spinning. It's going to be awesome as always. But, the big

surprise is that I will be performing Dead by Sunrise music live for

the first time in front of an audience. We have been practicing and

promise to kick ass. Maybe I'll record the performance and put it out

there for everyone so you won't have to rely on someone's phone mix. I

look forward to hearing feedback from those who care to watch and

listen, It's important for me to know that I'm giving all of you what

you want. Talk to you soon...........................C

Source: http://www.cbennington.com/2008/04/hey-eve...hile.html"</a&gt'>



he said maybe he would record the performance but so far nothing.... i would hope it wud be on LPU 8 but that wouldnt make sense since its DBS and not LP =/

maybe if DBS comes out they will offer the tracks as a bonus? who knows...

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