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15.08.2009 - Shanghai, China / Sonisphere Torrent


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LP will be playing at the Shanghai Stadium in Shanghai, China for their first of two shows in China that will wrap up the Asian leg of their 2009 touring. After these two shows, the other being Macao on the 16th, the band will head to the USA and play one final show in Pomona, CA on the 22nd.


Will Mike do anything else cool over 'Points'? Maybe a verse from 'Papercut'? Any other cool ideas that you've suggested?


Also, a torrent of the Sonisphere UK TV broadcast has been posted on Demonoid, which you may download here. It includes 'New Divide' and 'Crawl Back In' in proshot video format for your enjoyment!


Whoever went to CHIBA CITY (TOKYO), OSAKA, OKINAWA, and TAIPEI (see: ENTIRE ASIAN LEG OF THE TOUR!!!)......we need information from you! We need 'Points' info from Chiba City and setlist confirmation of the last 3 shows. All you have to do is take a look and say "Yes they did this set, and X was over POA", haha. Thanks!




For those who are impatient and don't want to wait for the Sonisphere torrent to complete, these rapidshare links are an alternative. This is from the same source but has had the aspect ratio corrected. It contains only the LP & DBS related portions of the broadcast.














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Yeah DIME doesn't allow Metallica. Another one of their stupid rules, lol. Blame Metallica actually, DIME is just following what they say. Metallica used to be open taping but they sold out and now won't let any fans share any recordings they made of the band even when they were open. LAME. So blame Metallica, their management and/or their label for you not being able to download ND/CBI lol.

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Either that or get me the MP3 of Crawl Back In?

Not much of a torrent user.

Yeah..can someone like please make CBI into an mp3? I don't get why it would be video and torrent on DIME...

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Thanks for the dvd !! :)

But why demonoid doesn´t work for me ?? I was registered there for long time, I have good ratio,...

But now I just can´t view the page. I must use some sites that hide my IP, to view the site, and torrents doesn´t work for me :(

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