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Ticket Stubs and Show Posters


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As LPLive 4.0 comes closer than ever before, I wanted to remind everyone that if you have any ticket stubs from past Linkin Park shows to please sent them in if you haven't already. We're also taking show posters from all shows as well as 2009 ticket stubs. A list of what we're collecting is listed below:


-Tickets and ticket stubs to past Linkin Park shows (Can be a regular ticket, a TicketFast ticket, whatever). Example here and here.

-Tickets to Fort Minor, Dead By Sunrise, and Julien-K (new!) shows. Example here.

-Artwork posters from the show (as seen here) or promo posters for the show (as seen here). Send in your 2009 ones as well!

-LPU wristbands from M&Gs with the band. Example here.

-All Access Passes or special passes you have from the shows (hot seat passes, anything like that).


and most importantly:


-Tickets to FUTURE Linkin Park shows! We are trying to collect ticket stubs, posters and M&G wristbands for all future shows. If any of you have your 2009 tickets to see the band yet, then scan and send them on in. We've only got a ticket from Graz 2009 so far....if we can collect all of them it'd be great.


You may attach them to a reply in this thread or you can email them to me at hahninator@sotrix.net. I'm trying to get this out to all of the people that haven't sent theirs in yet as well as the people that are getting their 2009 tickets and posters in for the shows this summer. Thanks everyone!

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Sorry, I typed it in manually and typo'd the link. http://www.lplive.net/images/ticketstubs/2...ket09_Marth.jpg is the right link, I fixed it in the main post. Thanks for the heads up. But yeah Graz 09 is the only one we have so far from 2009, haha. I can scan in Stuttgart, G-Town and Zurich later, but I'd like to get them all before the tour even starts. Maybe posters for every show as well.

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So here's everything I have (I uploaded everything although I guess you already have some of those):


Hamburg 27.05.07 standing room ticket:


Hannover 16.01.08 poster and standing room ticket:



Düsseldorf PR:Europe 28.06.08 standing room ticket:


Gräfenhainichen Ferropolis (LPU-preorder):


Projekt Revolution 2007 Hot Seat card and poster (from Toronto, but they should have been all the same):






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i emailed you mark, but i dont know if it went through cause my email's acting weird. these are my all access passes from PR 08 and the last winter tour.




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This month.





Today's news for 4.0 is that I completely redesigned the show pages and year pages. New demos for both...I think Jonas wants to add some stuff to the year pages tomorrow but they are looking sharp. All reviews of them so far are pretty positive. I'm adding info to the pages as well as cutting down info, if you know what that means :P

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i emailed you mark, but i dont know if it went through cause my email's acting weird. these are my all access passes from PR 08 and the last winter tour.

how did you get em?

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Meteora World Tour Flyer Front:

Posted Image

*on the back are the tourdates, i didnt scan but i could if needed*



Projekt Revolution 2007:

Posted Image


*** the MFR sticker don't belong to this, i got it directly from the MFRHQ

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Here's a bunch more.



* Fort Minor in KL

* LP in Singapore, 2004


Ticket stubs:

* Fort Minor in KL (rather faded, though)

* LP in KL, 2003

* LP in Singapore, 2004

* LP in Perth, 2007


M&G pass:

* LP in Singapore, 2004








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