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  1. can someone send it to me too please? ok,got it! thanks!
  2. LPrnw@y

    LPU9 CD

    Mike posted the following on the LPMB: originally posted by: mshinoda What if I were to give you the "inside information" that the new LPU CD might have some unreleased LP demos on it? What would you do with that info? Just curious. -m http://forums.linkinpark.com/showthread.ph...7231#post517231 And, people going nuts in 3,2,1...
  3. bahaha, someone got a little overexcited
  4. unfortunately, same setlist as Turkey. the only different thing was APFMH, which Mike said was requested by the LPUers at the m&g. i've takwn lots of videos which i'll upload tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. now i'm dead x_x
  5. aww Brad <3 dammit, i should have gotten a flag for tomorrow
  6. omg, those mods were a bunch of idiots! too bad we won't see the show tonight. oh well, the day after tomorrow i'll be watching them live!
  7. from Athens, Greece 25-6-2008 ticket before the concert and after the pit wristband poster in a magazine
  8. nothing to do with LOATR.. http://www.lovelineshow.com/show?action=up...p;upcoming=true someone please record it?
  9. it's 2 am here so..Happy Birthday HT! i'll listen to you when i wake up!
  10. i hope that's not the dvd.. EDIT: i'm a contributor? O.o
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