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Mike Shinoda teases ZIGGURATS: new music NFT project with vocals


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On October 24, 2021, Mike Shinoda teased a new project on Discord, involving a song with vocals and NFTs.

Here's what he posted in the announcements section:
"Just wanted to pop in and wish @everyone a happy weekend. I've been off Twitch & social media a little bit here and there, because I have a couple little projects I've been trying to spend more time on. The primary one is a music + NFT idea, and it's coming out great. If you're not into NFTs, you'll still be able to check it out for free. I hope you enjoy it. If you want to buy one, it'll be on Tezos. To learn more about what that means and how to participate, just jump in the 💎nfts-metaverse channel here on the server. I'm super proud of how thoughtful and knowledgable the folks here on the server have been for one another. Keep it up! More info on that drop in the coming weeks."

He later joined the chat giving some details, commenting fans speculations and joking, here's a recap:

- "I just posted a small announcement, hope you check it out. NFT related, but (more importantly) it's a music thing. So there'll be something cool for you to listen to soon. Well, maybe not "soon." But soon enough"

- "When I mentioned the 90s hip hop idea, this is that thing. It's not an album or anything, and it's also not "just a song" -- it's something different."

- "It won't be years. I'd like to have it out by the end of the year, but we'll see what happens."

- "And it won't be a surprise or "shock drop," I'll give you all plenty of warning"

Answering to a comment saying: "Not an album, not just a song. Hm. Something interactive, like how some artists use NFTs as tickets for something else?" he wrote:
"It's simpler than that. Best to set expectations closer to "a song" (even though it's not just a song)"

- "Why can't you guys patiently wait for a project instead of guessing what it'll be? 😂"

- "It's not going to be a scavenger hunt. It's just a song." / "...but not a song HAHAAHAHAA But it's a song."

Answering to a fan who wrote: "It's a chopped up song scattered like infinity stones across HEN" he joked: 
"Sure, it's a song chopped into 1 second increments and you'll have to put them together in the right order. 🙄"

He previously talked about working on a 90s hip hop song on October 6th, writing:
"I'm making a 90s hip hop track today" / "with vocals 👀"

While we don't have any more details about this release, sounds like we're gonna have something interesting coming up next, for both who's into NFTs or just the musical aspect.
What do you think?

Stay tuned for more info and be sure to join the official Mike Shinoda Discord!

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Today Mike gave an update on Discord:

"Hey everyone,

I won’t be able to stream this morning, so I thought I’d give you an update on the music project I’ve been working on.

I keep writing and deleting things to say about it, because it’s different enough that the usual descriptions might be misleading. I’ve described it to some people as a “song that’s not a song.” But it’s also an EP that’s not an EP, an NFT that’s not an NFT, and an art project that’s more than just a picture.

When I started seeing projects like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes, I liked the idea of a program taking elements and mixing-and-matching to create different outputs. Creating collectible pieces—each one unique. But I wanted to do it with music.

Thankfully, I’ve created a lot of material this past few years. I started sifting through all the beats and sketches I’ve made, looking for connections between them. Similar tempos, similar keys, cool parts. All the best bits got poured into one long session. The track ended up feeling like some of the 90s hip hop I grew up on, so I decided to start writing some verses.

The outcome is a six and a half minute musical project, made of layers. The vocals are the same on each output, but the music and cover art are unique. For those that want to own one, they will be available as a Tezos NFT. For those tho just want to listen, a unique version will be available on streaming services.

I’m calling it a “generative mixtape.”

The name of the project is ZIGGURATS."

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  • PeppePark changed the title to Mike Shinoda teases ZIGGURATS: new music NFT project with vocals
1 hour ago, Cesar656 said:

Nft hating crybabies

And one day crypto bros will understand that people have informed opinions and might dislike something for valid reasons. 
The „crypto bros“ part is obviously a joke but being super dismissive and acting like other people just don‘t get it is super shitty behavior which is also ingrained in the whole crypto scene so one more reason not to like it. 

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As long as it’s new music from Mike, plus as he said “new music with 90s vibes” I’m in, no complaints about the NFT thing as long as it’s available on streaming platforms regularly 🙂

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I’m putting out six and a half minute generative track inspired by some of the 90s hip-hop I grew up on and using some cool song beats I made on this channel.

Here's my guess of what beats he will use for the project:


Release Day

The Brooklyn Way

Freestyle 3.17.21 [2]

Science Over Fiction

3 Drone Strike

2000 Pop

Freestyle 3.26.20

Freestyle 4.5.21

Freestyle Triplet


Quick Beat Post Among Us

The Social Dilemma

Freestyle Ooh Baba

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3 hours ago, martinez said:

Snippet of it: https://twitter.com/mikeshinoda/status/1460531240398852101


The song (or we should say the EP) has a length 6:44, also the snippet revealed that one of the jam used in the song is the jam "Masch Plus Cooper Pedal", you can clearly hear in the snippet this part of the jam.


Yeah he teased it on IG too, sounds interesting, Xero vibes definitely IMO 

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