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  1. I knew you were gonna give a good answer but man this is even better than expected. Dont know how you managed to get so much info about the guitars of lp but im glad and thankful you share it with us
  2. he probably forgot he was still recording
  3. Stop being salty because Mike releases music on its own and not with LP. Not his best demo but there is some material on PT that if put under LP label people would title them as anthems
  4. In these times of boredom, watching live videos of LP and Mike Shinoda, and knowing Astats site (congrats on that btw), i noticed a transition of the band from PRS to Fender, and i was curious to know if anybody knows why that happened. We could say its because of the poppier sound of OML, but according to Astat THP was also mostly recorded on strats. I also remember a recent interview of Mike saying he prefers Strats overall, but that is weird considering he mainly has PRS's in his gear Probably a random question but can be an interesting topic
  5. Super catchy song, it is cool that he lets us see some of the process
  6. Unexpected but really good song. Lets hope its not just a one song project for a movie but it turns out to be part of a future cd..
  7. Dont like it at all, but its good to see Mike is still out there involved with music
  8. more people than the ones caring for you, thats a fact. BTW thats a super useful list, i thought i knew many b sides but this is a lot to catch up on, thanks guys!
  9. Its good that they keep that spark alive, i am sure these are all steps in the right direction
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