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  1. That remix was so good. Her music is easily enjoyable, looking forward to more
  2. Film producer but doesnt know how to set up good light angles for his interview video
  3. I think it would also be nice to add the interview chunk in each individual thread, to avoid going to the page and scroll it all
  4. I feel like this is more to provide his twitch audience with the final result without them having to rip the audio from the livestream recordings. If he wanted to make cash he would put out another song under Fort Minor as a "comeback"
  5. I agree, I think LP were stellar honestly. OML clip dedicated to him, the bowl show was honestly incredible, beyond every expectation, and after that, the silence, because honestly if you dont have anything to say, its better to stay quiet.
  6. I agree, but i doubt he puts them out to be anthems or to have commercial success
  7. its lowkey true tho, but i understand where you are coming from
  8. Not my favorite, i was bigger on Sound Collector for example. Still, good to see him active as usual, keep it up
  9. Catchy Riffs, fast beat and Chester's voice doesn't disappoint. Not my kick tho, id give it a 5/10 By cashgrabbing everything they can with your image and voice and using the LPA to promote their stuff Sorry boys, had to
  10. Great album, still got it on repeat in my car. If instead of MS it was released by Post Malone or somebody else with a bigger solo name we would be talking bout an easy number 1 in the charts
  11. There is a lot of hate on Mike for embracing his solo stuff instead of focusing on LP post Chester. If he did all his NFT and streams during LP era im sure he would even be praised for it
  12. Crazy but expected that Mike would get thrown in the dirt around here for no reason. We all know he always hated releasing things that are not perfect, and even more after 2017.
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