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  1. I dont know if the comparisons with mmm.cookies can stand, or even with other remixes. Like, not only the style used doesnt do the song any justice at all, but it literally murders every good part of it, adding cringy vocals, upbeat stuff and an overall wtf am i listening to sensation. If it wasnt for the Linkin Park name on it i might have gone harder but gotta show some respect to the boys. The fact that Mike had to intervene, twice, says a lot about it
  2. Shocked that these people actually make money from music. That was one of the worst pieces of music i have heard, truly shocking
  3. Well it does, its been posted and i judge the results. Those vocals are literally atrocious, and he murdered the chorus and the bridge. Verses are cool tho
  4. Still sounds really bad, im shocked she got chosen (her and the others really)
  5. When OD came out months ago, he gave away the instrumental of only his voice
  6. Instrumental is good until the chorus, he completely destroyed it it sounds awful lol, plus the girl voice on the chorus is atrocious. Should have been Mike only and kept it in the style of the verses. What a shame, had potential
  7. i think he is just a perfectionist, he doesnt like releasing stuff that is not up to his actual standard
  8. I really like this volume, Mike is getting better and better
  9. Feels to me like they are using Chester to stay relevant and make some cash. Nobody i know even knows of GD, and are starting to get to know them because of Chester...
  10. They really are going to milk this arent they? Have they considered maybe moving on and doing something by themselves? or do they need to use the name and voice of Chester to stay relevant?
  11. Reception from who? reviews from who? Metalheads that expected metal, or popheads that do not want a new band in their pink bubbly world. OML is far better, musically and production wise than many pop records of its year. I also think Sean is not really the right person to talk about all those personal details bout Chester... like why is that necessary right no? idk Its not their best work, sure, but it was deeply personal to them. If you (i mean people in general) dont like it, then dont listen. But nobody is entitled to shit on somebodys work. Its called respect
  12. Every lp fan i know skips her part. Shocking performance. What was she even doing there? which band member is she close with? because she didnt really pay respect in my opinion, she came to do her own promo. Damn even non lp fans when i put hb in the car ask me who is that bad singer on COG
  13. He has been in the top5 for years, he knows his target is not top5 crowd, he built his own fanbase and doesnt need Billboard to tell him he is succesfull. If he wanted to be in the top5 he would just drop an LP song using remixed Chesters vocals, say this is his legacy and what he wanted and milk it as much as he wants
  14. Same here, i dont think it would be really profitable (and honestly im sure that was not his purpose when this started)
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