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  1. MTM was a thousand times bigger than ATS to the casual fans and charts. And overall, its actually a really good record
  2. Interesting to hear those words from Brad, Mike is just repeating what we heard him saying a thousand times
  3. Knowing how talented the guys are, it would have been really good studio and live, but succesfully im not sure, LP has been shifting (except THPs flop) in a different direction
  4. Lets see what they got in store for us
  5. Does it give you a boner to slam Mike on every post you make? Do you think its the right thing to do in a forum of a band whose only active member is Mike? And dont bother replying its a joke cuz thats what you always do everytime
  6. I dont wanna give him the satisfaction of even use Geki as a word lol how much time does that loser have man
  7. Great way to prove your a troll on your first post. Back in the days trolls worked harder
  8. Struggling to bite my tongue right now
  9. From the same guy that remixed enjoy the silence. Wow, i must be getting old
  10. Nobody argued that he was the vocalist before passing, but was the promotion for Amends really necessary? the way they did it? Idk man.. glad you enjoy it and worship it tho
  11. Labels do not only push potentially big songs, they seek revenue for whatever is published
  12. I mean, did Mike use chester vocals for PT or the music in hif nft's? sounds like you guys are laughing cuz u ran out of excuses
  13. Not anything they release is a cashgrab, but if they use Chesters image, vocals, legacy, etc for the sake of making money; then sorry but those guys are assholes (lets not forget how they milked the LPA lol) Mike NFT's are pieces of art (that i personally wouldnt buy lol) that he can sell. Is a Picasso painting a cashgrab? to put an exagerated example. Mike is using his own image and name to sell, GD are using Chester's and LP's. Thats why in this forum people kind of dislike GD