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Five Finger Death Punch Remixed by Joe Hahn


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Five Finger Death Punch have announced the second installment of their greatest hits collection, “A Decade Of Destruction - Volume 2“. It has been set for an October 9th release via Prospect Park with a 2LP set from Better Noise Music to follow on November 20th. Five previously unreleased tracks will be included, including a remix of 'Wash It All Away' done by Linkin Park‘s Joe Hahn. The track listing is:


01. Blue On Black [taken from "And Justice For None"]

02. The Tragic Truth [taken from "American Capitalist"]

03. Broken World [previously unreleased]

04. I Refuse [taken from "And Justice For None"]

05. The Pride [taken from "American Capitalist"]

06. Hard To See [taken from "War Is The Answer"]

07. When The Seasons Change [taken from "And Justice For None"]

08. Cradle To The Grave [taken from "The Wrong Side Of Heaven, Vol. 2"]

09. Sham Pain [taken from "And Justice For None"]

10. M.I.N.E. (End This Way) [taken from "The Wrong Side Of Heaven, Vol. 1"]

11. Hell To Pay [taken from "Got Your Six"]

12. Never Enough [taken from "The Way Of The Fist"]

13. Walk Away [taken from "War Is The Answer"]

14. Wrong Side Of Heaven (New Acoustic Version – original version taken from "Wrong Side Of Heaven, Vol. 1")

15. Trouble (Felmax Remix) [original version taken from "And Justice For None"]

16. Wash It All Away (Joe Hahn Remix) [original version taken from "Got Your Six")

17. Bad Company (The Five Finger Dim Mak Steve Aoki Remix) [original version taken from "War Is The Answer"]


Pre-orders are available now: https://fivefingerdeathpunch.com/blogs/news/5fdp-a-decade-of-destruction-volume-2

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5 hours ago, kcg said:

I'm not a fan of Five Finger Death Punch or their authoritarian bootlicker politics, but I'll give this an honest listen when it comes out.

This is basically me, with the added wrinkle that I went to college with their drummer and he's a really good guy, so I can't say anything TOO bad about them publicly, lmao.

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Unfortunately I cannot support people who beat their wives, however I'm glad to see Joe getting some music work done. I wonder if his new found celebrity in Korea the last few years will open him up to more stuff like this in the future. Can't go wrong with some more Mr. Hahn remixes!

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On 8/31/2020 at 8:16 PM, JZLP-AmendsUltimateFan said:

Can't remember any good Joe remix since his work on Reanimation. 


CFTI MTM remix, his solo DJ perfomance during the THP tour cicle or the Hawaii 5-O remix as a few examples.


Pretty solid if you ask me ;)

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