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Mike Shinoda x grandson Collab "Riptide" out July 31


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grandson has just confirmed that his new song "Riptide" is a collaboration with Mike Shinoda, according to @grandsonnews on Twitter. Last year, Mike teased a collaboration with grandson and boonn.


In March 2019, grandson tweeted, "Mike and I got back in the studio before tour and he helped produce one of my favorite new unreleased songs." In a recent tweet, grandson also hinted at Mike Shinoda, putting out the characters "19 8 9 14 15 4 1" which is "SHINODA."


The account says the song is coming on July 31, which is this Friday.

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24 minutes ago, SFNL14 said:

I meant by the tweet it seems that it was just production.

The tweet was over a year ago. It is totally possible that they worked on something completely different since then.

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This is fuckin dope. Love how dramatic and almost cinematic it is. Thise brassy synths make this shit EXPLODE. And that synth in between the chorus and verses, goddamn.


grandson is kinda my hair inspiration lately so i guess i gotta support the man. This shit goes hard.

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So I texted grandson through his Community app number about this song, and he responded! The exchange was as follows:


Me: riptide is great!! I would be very interested to know what role Mike Shinoda played in the creation of this song. Was it just production, or was he a part of the lyric writing process on this one as well?


grandson: Good question. Well first off it was at his studio, with him encouraging us to dig deeper and make something we really like...I had written the guitar and lyrics but hadn't actually put them together, who knows if that would've happened without him. Beyond that he helped us figure out the structure of the song like how long each section should be, gave his thoughts on production and then some mix notes at the end.


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