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Collaboration with Convolk?


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Earlier today, Convolk, a rapper from Oakland, CA with a little over 60K followers on SoundCloud, announced through Twitter he is working with Linkin Park. A few hours later, the tweet was removed. Check a screenshot below, courtesy of Reddit user mennog9.




There has been no confirmation from Linkin Park's camp at this time if they are actually working together. Let's keep in mind Mike and Brad have been working with other artists as songwriters and producers for the last couple years, so it's possible this is what's happening here.


Mike has recently worked on "Fine" (solo single), "Grand Paradise (Mike Shinoda Mix)" by Foxing, "Clockwatch" by AmirSaysNothing and "Me" by Kitten. On Instagram, he said more tracks are on the way. Earlier this month, AmirSaysNothing announced a second collaboration would be released on February 23rd as part of his new album.

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If this is really for new ''Linkin Park'', that's pretty weird. Some random SoundCloud rapper (is that even a thing anymore?) is going to work with Linkin Park on their big comeback? A lot of artists are kind of dumb and think that working with Mike means Linkin Park, look at Young Buck for example, he said in 2007 that he was working with Linkin Park when it was really just Chester singing some lyrics he wrote on one of his tracks. So it's probably something like that if anything. Or maybe Mike produced a track for him or something, you never know. 

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I mean Kiiara was completely unknown before she worked with LP. Who knows. Could be just for a production idea or something, or maybe it wouldn't even be used in the end. Remember how many collabs LP has done that haven't been used? Not too worried about that.

The bigger picture is LP is very secretive, for good reason, because that's how they do something. Artists like this shouldn't go out and spoil something if LP isn't ready to announce something. The fact it was removed is interesting. It went semi-viral in the fanbase so I guess someone said something to him about it.

Then there is always the chance that it's just him working with Mike, like previous guests have said. Who knows. We will see, but it of course would not surprise me in the least if LP was working on music since they're at Mike's studio from time to time (from the little that we see) and it is January 2020, really far past the period when Mike was on tour constantly.

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15 minutes ago, leftshoe18 said:

I hadn't heard of her either but that doesn't mean she was a nobody. She had a number 13 billboard hit before working with Linkin Park.


Yeah but Kiiara was way more known than this Convolk dude. JZLP's original post and mine were calling him a nobody. 

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4 minutes ago, leftshoe18 said:

Yeah but Hahninator was calling Kiiara "completely unknown" and that's what I was responding too. Probably should have quoted him since there were a few more responses between his post and mine.


Ahh my bad, I realize it now. But yeah she was way more known at the time Heavy was released as opposed to this Convolk guy. She had a huge hit in 2016 with Gold, I remember.

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