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2018.08.24 - Rock en Seine (+ Webcast)


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Europe, your time is here. Mike is kicking off his ten show Post Traumatic European Tour on August 24 in Paris, France at the Rock En Seine festival, and it looks like there'll be a livestream for those who can't make it (more information on the livestream is lower in the post)!




It hasn't been long since Mike was last in France. Linkin Park performed at the Download Paris festival just last year to start the One More Light European Tour, debuting new production and stage design. Later on the same tour, the band performed at Hellfest, a heavy metal festival. Despite touring for their softest record yet, the show went pretty well! Chester had tweeted after the show: "Hell fest was fun. Had a blast watching people mosh to 'In the End' and then flip me off when we played 'Heavy.' I blew them kisses. After I blew kisses to the guys flipping me off. They smiled and gave me heart hands back. I welcomed the huge crowd of condemned souls to HELLFEST in my metal voice then we played 'Invisible'. The look of shock on people's faces... All kidding aside.... the crowd was great and handled our set pretty well. Our French fans are awesome." This show was also the tour debut of 'From The Inside,' the song being the fourth song added to the "heavy" song rotation.


Mike has performed in Paris with Linkin Park and Fort Minor an insane amount of times in total. A show in Paris in January 2001 was the first European show Linkin Park ever played. The healthy history in Paris has always lent itself to some awesome and memorable shows, so instead of writing a textbook about every single show that's happened there, let's look back at some of the most memorable moments. Several shows throughout 2001 had some great audio and video recordings that are still some of the best from the Hybrid Theory era, including a show there on the Hybrid Theory European Tour where they brought back 'Step Up' mid-tour. The show in 2014 during The Hunting Party European Tour was also special, featuring Austin Carlile formerly of Of Mice & Men during 'Faint.' And of course, who could forget the legendary 2010 show, where the band celebrated the 10th anniversary of Hybrid Theory with a special and unforgettable performance of 'A Place For My Head?'


'A Place For My Head' is a legendary song, but this performance of it takes that to a whole other level. The only full performance of the song during the entire A Thousand Suns World Tour, and it truly was a monumental performance.


Mike's European Tour is starting right off the heels of the Post Traumatic Asian Tour, which literally ended two nights before this show happens in Singapore. This first leg of the tour truly set a precedent for everything yet to come. Remember how nearly every show on the One More Light European Tour had a unique setlist in some fashion? This tour has been like that, but on drugs. So far, Mike literally hasn't played the same show twice. Looking at how much the setlist changed from the start of the tour to where it is now is crazy. It began with all the new extensions, production, and changes with the first show in Hong Kong. Then, Mike added 'Introduction' and 'Petrified' at the next show in Bangkok. By the end of the tour in Singapore, we ended up with the live debut of 'Hold It Together' and the tour debut of 'High Road,' along with 'Petrified' now opening the show and 'Welcome' opening the encore.


We effectively have two different setlists (assuming things are getting rotated now - we'll decide what to do with set names if that's the case) now, over the span of pretty much two weeks. That's not to mention the different verses Mike did over the intro of 'Kenji' (including 'Hands Held High, 'It's Goin' Down,' and 'Until It Breaks') and the new acapella part of the set, which started as a 'Faint' acapella and is now a Hollywood Bowl-style 'Waiting For The End' sing-a-long that comes straight out of the 'Waiting For The End' and 'Where'd You Go' mashup. Mike has changed things up at the drop of a hat, and he's not showing any signs of slowing down. It's going to be pretty interesting to see where the set goes from here and how it'll look by the end of the European Tour. The standard of adding a new song to the set is running through it a few times during soundcheck. At this rate, we could see the live debuts of the rest of the Post Traumatic songs at any moment, or any number of songs for that matter. Mike's vocals are better than they've ever been - even 'No Roads Left' isn't a wild guess anymore. We'll have a post later today about all the possibilities that are out there right now, and you better believe there's a lot of them. Will Mike keep up the streak of playing a unique set in France?


Mike performed 'Hold It Together' live for the first time in Singapore, and boy was it awesome! The precedent for adding a new song to the set is a couple run throughs of the song at soundcheck earlier in the day. Lots of potential for awesome changes to the set on the fly.


Now what most of you have been skimming through the post for - livestream info! We're not 100% sure about this, but from what we can tell, this festival will be livestreamed by Culturebox, who have livestreamed the event in previous years. There's always a possibility Mike's set might not be streamed for one reason or another, but knowing him he'll try to make sure it is if it's in his control. Mike goes on at 6:45 local time and plays for an hour - around the same amount of time he had for the Summer Sonic Tokyo performance. Check below for a link, timezone converters, and a countdown to Mike's set. Keep an eye out on our social media for updates on the stream.






Anyone planning on going? A few members of our Discord community are going - be sure to join it to interact with fans from around the world and talk about the band! After this show, Mike heads to England to perform at the Reading and Leeds festivals - if we don't end up getting this set streamed, it's pretty likely we'll get the Reading set streamed, so look forward to that! From there, Mike embarks on headlining shows across the continent, ending the tour with an opening set for Thirty Seconds To Mars in Italy. After a month's break, Mike will be touring North America for the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour.


We'll be keeping you updated on everything that happens at this show, so be be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates! We just launched the new LPLive Archive YouTube Channel that is loaded with hours of rare content from the Linkin Park world, and we'll also be uploading videos from the Post Traumatic Tour there, too. Be sure to subscribe!


Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's touring schedule here.

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I still hadn't listened to the Asian recordings, so this is the first time I watched Mike perform with the band. Really amazing performance. The band kind of frees him to do his own thing so that makes it even better IMO. And though this is solo, I think LP can also perform like this in the future, if they want to stay just 5.

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awesome show and awesome set

and honestly, Matt's backing vocals are on point!

I feel like if LP performs in the furture, they need another guys who is used to sing and can help Mike with some backing vocal's. I'm not sure if the other 4 can handle some backing vocals, but you see how much better Mike sounds if he hasn't had to do everything


Whatsoever, Mike is getting better and better and as I said earlier the stream quality was on point.

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I feel like if LP performs in the furture, they need another guys who is used to sing and can help Mike with some backing vocal's. I'm not sure if the other 4 can handle some backing vocals, but you see how much better Mike sounds if he hasn't had to do everything


Agreed. Phoenix + rest of LP can definitely handle some but might as well throw someone else in there. Jon is perfect, he was the MVP of the Bowl show. Matt is like a "discount Jon" as Dylan says, which I agree with.


As optimistic as I have been about LP, even I am surprised how good these LP songs are sounding live and how good a band can be on them. WTCFM full, Roads full, Castle full, etc... lots of good stuff going on right now. There's a lot of LP stuff he isn't even touching yet like Invisible, Iridescent, Burning in the Skies, Battle Symphony, Nobody Can Save Me, One More Light, Rebellion, etc. LP is going to be fine.

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