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Demand a #PostTraumaticTour Show: Let's Make Some Noise


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It's time to make some noise.

Mike's going to start touring for his new solo project this August with two shows in Japan for this year's Summer Sonic festival in Tokyo and Osaka. Mike took to Twitter and Instagram live recently and explained the subject of him playing elsewhere:

"Here's how touring works, apart from me... There's agents and promoters who put these events together... The thing you guys need to know is: the more noise you make about wanting to see me play, THAT will impress upon the agents and promoters: 'Oh, we need to put that show together!' If all you're doing is listening to my stuff by yourself... then I appreciate you, but the agents and promoters don't see that as much. It requires you guys to make noise. If you share the music, call the radio stations and bug them on your social media, if you watch video shows, tell them you want to see my stuff, if you have a favorite playlist and you know who runs it, bug them! And if it's a magazine, a music broadcast online, like a podcast or a journalist... all those things help! The more noise you make outside of our little bubble, the outcome is the people putting on shows will be like 'Oh, Mike has fans here, we didn't know that' and start reaching out to schedule shows."

So, if you didn't read that whole thing, here's the message: we gotta make some noise in our markets to make sure the local promoters know we need to see Mike Shinoda in town.


Here's what we have to do:

  • Demand Mike play your city on WeDemand.com. How? It's simple - click "DEMAND A SHOW" and be sure to set your home city in your profile, head here and get started: http://mshnd.co/demand
  • Let your friends know you requested a show! Use the hashtag #PostTraumaticTour when posting about the shows on social media to recruit more people for your city.
  • Keep spreading the word and listening to Mike's music on digital streaming platforms.

We can't do it all alone, though, so we're partnering with the LP Ambassadors from all around the world to make this happen.

Below are some LP Ambassadors and fans that will be taking charge of their own local markets and spreading the word. If there are any other fans out there who are working on making some noise in your market, message LPLive or me (@DylanYadav) on Twitter and we'll add you to our list. This list will help fans find images related to your local promotion and connect with fans in your area that want to see Mike live.

So go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and everywhere else you can spread the word and let's make this happen!



2018/02/14: Announcing phase two of the Post Traumatic Tour demand:


The reaction by fans that want to see Mike perform live has been phenomenal. The international community especially has gravitated towards the WeDemand effort and made their voices heard. There still is work to be done, and with a significant part of the main fanbase having voted already, it's time to expand the effort.


Now is a great time to:


- Post the campaign on forums, like international music festival forums (ringrocker, etc) and music forums,

- Post in Facebook events related to Linkin Park/Mike, like cover band events, tributes, and more,

- There have been several press articles about the campaign (AltPress, RockSound, etc). Keep contacting local press, international press, regional press, music press (magazines), etc to cover the campaign,

- Keep blasting social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram),

- And keep inviting your friends to vote for Mike


Keep using #PostTraumaticTour! Vote here.

North America:


South America:

* LinkinPark:br and Linkin Park RTR:BR are running their campaign for Mike in Brazil using a social platform called Queremos. Visit this link to their site to find out more about how to help!



Africa + Middle East:

We'll be keeping you all updated on all the progress and things we're all doing on our social media, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook (and all the other accounts above)! Let us know what you're going to be doing to help out. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled and we'll definitely be busy over the next few months, so stay tuned. Big things are coming, soldiers. Let's make some noise.

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Nice! Trying to see if I can get something started in Kentucky... If anyone wants to help me let me know! I'm trying to figure it out, but I don't even know how to start haha.


Sent this out a little bit ago. https://twitter.com/BrandonR24/status/961320540152717312




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I will gladly accept any information or tips from anyone who wants to help with Detroit! This is a super busy month for me but I will do everything I can to bring y'all info on who to talk to and what to do. As for now, everyone in Michigan, especially if you live in or near Detroit, call your local stations and request "Over Again"! Show them that we Michiganders love him and want him here!

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Anyone who wants to set up anything for their city or country but don't have a Twitter account, make a Facebook event for your area. If you get people following and calling in and all the such, post the Facebook event here and I'll add it to the list.

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