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2017.05.22 - Burbank, CA - iHeartRadio Release Party

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One More Light is officially out, which means the promo cycle has come to a close... almost. The band is making another stop for some album promo today at the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, California for the iHeartRadio Album Release Party.


This isn't the first time the band has rolled with iHeartRadio for a special show. They did a similar release party event for The Hunting Party in 2014, playing a setlist full of hits (literally - the setlist was titled "iHeart (Pop Version)"). From the new album, 'Wastelands' and 'Until Its Gone' were played, with tracks like 'A Light That Never Comes' and 'Waiting For The End' filling the gaps in between. Since One More Light is nothing more than pop (as many of you have made quite clear), it seems like this setlist will at least feature more songs from the new record. There's six to choose from: 'Heavy,' 'Battle Symphony,' 'Good Goodbye,' 'Talking To Myself,' 'Invisible,' 'One More Light,' or all of them. If you could add 'Sorry For Now' into the mix too, that'd be great.


The band performed 'Until It's Gone' (before it was reduced to a 60 second version) at the iHeartRadio Release Party for The Hunting Party.

Like the last release party in 2014, there will be a livestream for this show on the iHeartRadio website. No information for the webcast has been revealed yet, but we'll update you as we learn more. Check back as we get more info on the livestream!





you didn't read the paragraph above this, did you?




As mentioned before, we can probably expect a good amount of songs from the new record to be performed, as well as a couple of old ones. Chester's been delivering some very powerful performances of title track 'One More Light' after his dear friend Chris Cornell passed away last week (rest in peace, Chris), so that will be a great performance to hear if they do bring it out. 'In The End' has been gaining lots of momentum recently, being so heavily demanded that the band has actually played it unplanned twice in the last week alone (first at the pop-up show in Grand Central Station and again at Jimmy Kimmel Live), so maybe we'll see that one, too. What else do you think the band will play? 'Bleed It Out' will probably close the show, and now that the band has something over the bridge (Chester began singing Depeche Mode's 'Strangelove' over it at the last show in Las Vegas, Nevada), we'll have to see if it returns, too. Lots of questions, lots of hopes.


The band, especially Chester, delivered an absolutely heartbreaking performance of 'One More Light' at their Jimmy Kimmel Live performance. It was dedicated to Chris Cornell, who Chester was very very close to. This really hit a whole new level for the band - there's not a dry eye there, and yours won't be, either.

Who'll be tuning in with us for the show? Livestream information will be put here as we get it, so stay on the look out for that. Check back here or follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page for all the info. After this show, the band is off for the next two and a half weeks before they head to Europe for their massive One More Light European Tour which kicks off in Paris, France for Download Paris on June 9 - if you're in Europe, be sure to check it out and see if it's not too late to grab tickets if you can!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2017 touring schedule here.

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That was a fantastic performance I thought.

Chester sounded on point!


I wish they would have played Sorry For Now instead of Invisible and played One More Light instead of Good Goodbye or Battle Symphony though.



Other than that, no complaints!

Official setlist for anyone who wants to look at it:



1. Numb

2. Invisible

3. Burn It Down

4. Heavy

5. In the End

6. Talking to Myself

7. Battle Symphony

8. New Divide

9. Good Goodbye

10. Leave Out All the Rest

11. Somewhere I Belong

12. What I've Done

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I was expecting them to close the show with Bleed It Out. It's weird these days seeing them not closing a show with that song!


Anyways, it was an awesome performance. I hope someone has recorded it.

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So I finally got to hear Talking To Myself live and in person. It totally lives up to the hype. SO good live. This is a welcome addition to the set in my opinion. Lots of energy, booming bass from Phoenix, and an easy sing-a-long hook that invites crowd participation.

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