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Chester Explains Stone Temple Pilots Resignation


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Back in November 2015, Brett from Alternative Nation broke the story about how Chester had left Stone Temple Pilots. The news, coming as a complete surprise, was ironically leaked by Scott Weiland. Our staff member LESTAT was able to confirm this news almost immediately with his sources that are close to Chester...and the impeding press storm forced STP and Chester to play their hand and announce his departure.


In today's massive tour of press outlets for the new Linkin Park single Heavy, Chester for the first time actually gave the explanation of why he left the band.


The interview came from Q104.3 today and once again, Brett and Alternative Nation provided us with the recap. The video of the interview can be seen here.


“Man, let me just tell you, I have the highest respect for Stone Temple Pilots. I love Scott [Weiland], I’m sad that he’s gone. He was a huge supporter. I just heard a really interesting story the other day, about how he had heard [Hybrid Theory] with one of the programmers in California, and basically said, ‘That’s it. That’s what you guys are going to be playing from now on.’ That just means a lot to me, because he actually introduced me to a lot of the people I play music with.
I’ve seen Stone Temple Pilots play probably about 30 times, a huge influence on me. They really made music that I absolutely loved, and I still love to this day. So the chance to go out and perform those songs with those guys was very cool. Honestly, Robert [DeLeo], Dean [DeLeo], and Eric [Kretz], those guys are super talented. I’ve had the privilege of not only being in Linkin Park and being around a bunch of geniuses, I got to go and be in Stone Temple Pilots and be around a bunch of geniuses, and just kind of sit back and kind of ask myself, ‘How did I get here?’”
I had so much fun. I actually still get to play with those guys every once in awhile, I have a deep deep love. The only reason why I’m not doing it now is my kids, they would cry every time I would go on the road with STP. When I leave on tour with Linkin Park, they’re like, ‘Okay, we’ll see you when you get back.’ They understand what I’m doing, but when I would leave with STP they would cry. I started realizing, I think they thought I was choosing to do that over being at home with them, because I would be done with Linkin Park and coming home. It was just too hard on my family, so I basically was like, you know what, I’ve got to stop being selfish here. When I’m not doing Linkin Park, I’ve got to be home with my babies.”
So as it turns out, it was his kids. At the time, Chester said it was too difficult to juggle Stone Temple Pilots and Linkin Park at the same time, which may be true in some regard but Linkin Park also just took well over a full year off of touring. STP is still searching for their replacement singer for Chester.
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I thought it was probably his family. I think if most people had the option to stay at home with their family and not HAVE to work then they would.


It sucks because the STP shows have been more enjoyable then the last couple of LP shows I was at and you could see how much Chester enjoyed it.


Selfishly I hope he continues to do one offs with STP/Kings of Chaos because he's so talented, but I could never feel ill will towards kids who want to see their dad.

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I'm sure the fact that an entire STP tour was cancelled due to recording commitments with LP (a.k.a. Warner gave them a hard deadline for The Hunting Party and basically strong-armed Chester into cancelling other appearances, just like they did with the Grey Daze reunion show in 2002) also made him re-think how feasible it was to be in both bands without one getting in the way of the other.

Not that I doubt family was his primary reason, but there's rarely ever just one thing factoring into something like this.

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I thought back when he quit STP it was stated that he quit because he couldn't commit to two bands that deserved full atention and also be a father to his kids. That those 3 things just couldn't be combined. So this isn't really news, right? Or am I just making shit up now....? :P

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