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Other Artists Covering Linkin Park

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Let's start a new list.
Post about other artists who have covered songs by Linkin Park or any related bands/side projects either live or in studio.
If it's a studio recording, it would be nice to know where it was released (album/single/compilation/whatever).

Studio Recordings

  • A Ghost In The Machine - Lying From You [Digital single] L
  • Alorion - Faint [Faint single; also played live] L
  • Angelzoom - Crawling [Angelzoom - selt-titled album] L
  • ApologetiX - Corinthians (Parody of In The End) [Grace Period / AplogetiX Classics: 2000's] L
  • Burn It To The Ground - Points Of Authority [bandcamp single] L
  • Colossus - In The End [???] L
  • Danger Silent - New Divide (feat. SolSmash) [solSmash YouTube channel] L
  • Debunk - In The End [Debunk YouTube channel] L
  • Deena Noroian - One Step Closer [No Alternative] L
  • Denis Stoff - What I've Done [Denis Stoff YouTube channel] L
  • Early Seasons - Papercut [Early Seasons YouTube channel] L
  • Empires Fade - Numb [Empires Fade YouTube channel] L
  • Fame On Fire - Numb [Digital single] L
  • For All I Am - In The End [For All I Am YouTube channel] L
  • I, The Breather - Faint [i, The Breather MySpace page] L
  • I Take This Oath - Faint [i Take This Oath YouTube channel] L
  • It Lives, It Breathes - Numb [Numb/My Plague single] L
  • Josh Groban - My December [Website exclusive version of Closer; also played live] L
  • Marié Digby - What I've Done [start Here EP] L
  • Myron Littman & Shane Hunter (Silent System) - In The End [???] L
  • Myleene Klass - Krwlng [Moving On] L
  • Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine - One Step Closer [Tuxicity] L
  • Scala & Kolacny Brothers - My December [December / promo single] L
  • Sleep When You're Dead - Given Up [sleep When You're Dead YouTube channel] L
  • Solar Fake - One Step Closer [Reasons To Kill; also played live] L
  • Sworn In - A Place For My Head [AbsolutePunk.net] L
  • Victim - Given Up [bandCamp single] L
  • Wolves Among Men - Faint [Wolves Among Men MySpace page] L
  • Yashin - One Step Closer [Runaway Train EP; also played live] L

Released Live Recordings

  • Boyce Avenue - Leave Out All The Rest [iTunes bonus track for Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 1] L
  • Boyce Avenue - Shadow Of The Day [Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 1] L
  • Bryson Jones and the Sweethearts of the Rodeo All-Star Band - Crawling [Frat Party At The Pankake Festival DVD] L
  • City Of Heroes - Castle Of Glass [City Of Heroes YouTube channel] L
  • Jamelia - Numb [Radio 1's Live Lounge album; also performed during her UK Tour 2004] L
  • N.H.E.M - Numb [N.H.E.M YouTube channel] L
  • Scarcéus - No Final (Version of "In The End") [Rock é Pedra, Amor é Love] L

Live Only

  • Asking Alexandria - One Step Closer (Chorus) [Various shows from 2010 to 2015] L
  • Asking Alexandria - What I've Done [WRIF Rock Girl Finals - May 19, 2016] L
  • Avril Lavigne - Faint (Instrumental) [Various shows during The Best Damn Tour 2008] L
  • Breathe Carolina - Numb [Various shows during the Anywhere But Home Tour 2015] L
  • Call - Papercut [PlayTV Live 2007] L
  • David Guetta - Numb (Remix) [Various shows in Brazil - January 2015] L
  • Far East Movement - So What?/One Step Closer (Mash-Up) [isle Of MTV Festival - June 30, 2011] L
  • Hands Like Houses - Numb [APTV's Zippo Encore Sessions at Carolina Rebellion 2016 - May 08, 2016] L
  • Hardwell - In The End/Cosmic Dark (Mash-Up) [Various shows in 2016] L
  • Hardwell - At Night/Numb/Who Is Ready To Jump (Mash-Up) [Various shows in 2013] L
  • Limp Bizkit - In The End (Chorus) [Rock In Rio Lisboa - May 26, 2012] L
  • Luan Santana - No More Sorrow (Instrumental) [Various shows in 2012-2013] L
  • Motionless In White - One Step Closer [Various shows during the Apollo X Tour 2015] L
  • NX Zero - In The End (Chorus) [Radio MIX FM Theater - July 14, 2009] L
  • Pendulum - The Catalyst [bBC Radio 1's Live Lounge - September 22, 2010] L
  • Punch - Bleed It Out [Hamlin Pub - February 19, 2011] L
  • Tarja Turunen - Numb [Wacken Metal Church at Wacken Open Air 2016 - August 01, 2016] L
  • Thomas Godoj - Shadow Of The Day [Various shows in 2008] L
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Pendulum - The Catalyst



Limp Bizkit - In the end (Short acapella)



(Asking Alexandria) Denis Stoff - What I've Done

(Nightwish) Tarja Turunen - Numb

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Empires Fade - Numb (Linkin Park Cover):



LINKIN PARK - BY MYSELF (covered by Gabor Toth & Isaac Murillo):



Marcelo Carvalho - Linkin Park - Easier To Run:



Linkin Park - Don't Stay (Cover) (Performed by René Fiegen & Christian Hesels):


Linkin Park - BREAKING THE HABIT (Acoustic Cover) by Alex McMillan:


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In case no one noticed, we now have a section called "Cover Versions" on the song pages on Linkinpedia. This is where the covers on this list are being added to. If you have anything to add to that section on any page, just post it here.

We are only listing "professional covers" (recorded in a proper studio) by both independent and mainstream artists and live performances by notable artists, meaning no cover band is listed (the only exception being Punch, because Jeff Gutt's songs have been mistaken for Linkin Park songs for years).

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It Lives, It Breathes - Numb (LINKIN PARK TRIBUTE):


For All I Am "In the End" Cover:


Victim - Given Up (Linkin Park Cover):


Linkin Park: What I've Done (covered by Marié Digby on her YouTube channel):



Marié Digby also recorded an official acoustic version of the song in the studio for her EP called Start Here (the track is titled as "What I've Done (Acoustic Version)", according to Digby):


Waiting For The End - by Linkin Park (Marie Digby cover ) (on Marié Digby's YouTube channel):


Linkin Park - Black out - (Vocal cover by Marty Degenne*):



*Lead singer of Early Seasons, who made the Papercut cover to promote their And the World Stops EP

Gavin Mikhail:


Waiting for the End: https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PL0B144420BFDE2840&v=NEiV1ocijg8

Iridescent: https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PL0B144420BFDE2840&v=Jp_2YvcTR90

New Divide: https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PL0B144420BFDE2840&v=GR3y_fGiGE4


There are also mastered studio recordings of all three LP covers for his three-track Iridescent (Linkin Park Tribute) EP.

Linkin Park - Castle of Glass Acoustic (Cover by City of Heroes):


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The following covers of Heavy by other artists:


Fame on Fire & Rain Paris: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6oEzLlS9z-g

Our Last Night feat. Living in Fiction: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DqjaGKQvB1Q

Phedora: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4D7Vhto2pvQ

First to Eleven: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3LTkCUiZHBc

CORETHEBAND: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GJcJzfvlJsk



That's all about I can find right now. Enjoy. :)

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