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STP: 2016.03.26 - Rolling Hills Estates, CA - From Classic To Rock (Final CheSTP Show)


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One last time. Chester will be joining Stone Temple Pilots on March 26, 2016 for the last time for a one-time reunion show for the From Classic To Rock event at the Norris Theater in Rolling Hills Estates, California. This is Chester's first performance in 2016, and the first show post of the year! On a less happy note, however, this is also Stone Temple Pilot's first (and possibly only) performance after the passing of Scott Weiland in December.


Chester had a good run with Stone Temple Pilots from 2013 to 2015. His debut with the band was during their surprise performance in May 2013, at the KROQ Weenie Roast, where they performed an unannounced set before Thirty Seconds To Mars. 'Out Of Time' saw it's worldwide debut there, as the song was released after the show had happened. The band then embarked on their first tour together in the fall of that year, after Linkin Park wrapped up the LIVING THINGS World Tour in Asia. That tour saw the Chester Debuts of many fan favorites, such as 'Sex & Violence', 'Pop's Love Suicide', and the live debut of 'Church On Tuesday'. After debuting another High Rise EP track live, 'Black Heart', near the end of the tour in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, the band stayed quiet for about a year, playing a few shows here and there throughout the rest of 2013 (including a series of holiday radio shows) and 2014.


'Black Heart' didn't last in the setlists long, but it was a huge one live!


The band didn't have another full tour until Spring 2015. A major International Tour was planned at the beginning of 2014, hitting stops like India (a first for Chester), Hawaii, Indonesia, and Australia for the Soundwave festival, but the band were forced to cancel due to scheduling conflicts with Linkin Park's recording sessions for The Hunting Party. The band played a few scattered shows in 2014, including a short four-show tour in the Fall before Linkin Park's The Hunting Party European Tour, where they debuted 'Plush', 'Sin', and 'Heaven & Hot Rods' with Chester. The Spring 2015 U.S. Tour was huge, a bunch of new songs being performed with Chester for the first time: 'Lounge Fly', 'Coma', and 'Creep'. The live debuts of the huge jam 'Pruno' and 'Adhesive' also came during this tour. And who can forget Chester's epic pink hair?! Chester's final tour with the band happened in the Fall after Linkin Park wrapped up The Hunting Party European Tour over the summer. Nothing new was debuted, but Chester was still at the top of his game. Funny enough, the band's last show of the tour was the Aftershock Festival in Elverta, California, which coincidentally also happened to be Scott Weiland's last show in the band, when they performed there in 2012.


The band performed a different, stripped-down version of 'Plush' when performed live. Chester always went down into the crowd for it!

We're not sure what to expect from the band's performance at this show, but we'll keep you updated. Be sure to follow @LPLive and @LiveSTP on Twitter for updates. What do you think they'll play? A song dedicated to Scott Weiland would be an awesome moment. Will this truly be the band's last performance with Chester? They're currently on the hunt for a new vocalist, asking fans to send in auditions. It seems the decision hasn't been made... but hopefully it comes soon! A few LPLive members seem to have sent in auditions (looking at you, Broman). Maybe we'll get an answer soon. We'll keep you updated.


Linkin Park is currently in the studio recording the follow up to The Hunting Party and it's expected to be released later this year. Follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, and register on the forums for the latest updates on the band's recording process.



xx. Big Empty (Soundcheck)









- The entire band barring Chester came out during Gary Wright's set and backed him up for three songs.

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Saw pieces of "Vasoline", "Sex Type Thing", "Big Empty", "Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart", "Interstate Love Song", "Plush", "Wicked Garden" and "Big Bang Baby" on Instagram. Chester sounded very good. The feedback from attenders is very positive as well.

Chester also reportedly took off his shoes and auctioned them for charity for 750$.

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Another video, "Love Is Alive" with Gary Wright on vocals:


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I had a great time at the show. I'll write a full review on this soon. Probably tonight or tomorrow.

STP (without Chester) backed Gary Wright for his 3 song set. STP played 45 mins. Set should be:

Wicked Garden
Big Bang Baby
Interstate Love Song
Big Empty
Sex Type Thing

I think I got the order slightly wrong on setlist.fm. I'll double check the set tonight.

Very very different show. I'll explain it all soon.

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My review:

Leading up to this event, I wasn’t truly sure what to expect. I was obviously taken by surprise when Scott Weiland leaked that Chester had quit STP, forcing both STP and Chester to play their hand and reveal the story. Seeing STP just once in the 2013-2015 era, I came away extremely impressed with Chester’s on stage performance, the overall sound by the band members, and most importantly, how natural the whole thing looked. Chester, to me, is a rock singer at heart and it’s quite refreshing to see him on stage all up in the band members’ faces, singing his heart out and dancing all across the stage versus him standing at a mic stand so much with Linkin Park, even on some of their heavier songs.

When this show was announced, it was billed as STP featuring “special guest” Chester Bennington. Running that through my head for weeks, I wondered what that could exactly entitle. It was the first STP show since Scott’s death and the first since Chester quit the band. Would it be a normal show? Would STP even reveal their new singer at the show and Chester would just join for a few songs? How long would they play? And after seeing the extensive list of guests…. will there be an orchestra backing them? The list goes on and on.

I was in L.A. for roughly 36 hours and it was quite frankly one of the most hectic, but fun and exciting trips I have ever been on. Landing Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday, we hit the ground running with Preston showing me a mixture of highlights in the various neighborhoods and cities around L.A., with a little request here or there by me to make an appearance somewhere. Such highlights include a tour of Dodger Stadium, one of the most impressive stadiums in Major League Baseball, a visit to Griffith Observatory, home to likely one of the best views of a city you’ll see in your entire life, a trip to Santa Monica’s beach, pier, promenade, and landmark Lincoln Park (now renamed), and short stops at various studios and landmarks around the area.

On Saturday, we frankly had no intention of arriving to the show before 8:00pm~ or so, as the list of performers was quite extensive and surely, we thought, Stone Temple Pilots wouldn’t go on until 9:00pm. On and on we went…a Dodgers tour, the Observatory, an appearance at NRG where a large selection of Linkin Park’s catalogue was recorded as well as a drive by of Rick Rubin’s Houdini Mansion (referred to as the Laurel House). When a list of the set times was posted with STP listed as playing at 7:40, and we are at least 50+ minutes away from our hotel at 5:35pm, we knew we had an issue.

Unfortunately, we happened to get a flat tire while rushing back to the hotel at probably the most unlikely time ever. Coming after an experience where our car was actually towed the night before, I wondered what else could actually go wrong on this short trip. Needless to say, we handled it in under ten minutes flat and rushed to the hotel to change in Long Beach before the short drive over to Palos Los Verdes. P.L.V. is a beautiful town that seems quite isolated from L.A. due to its mansion-style houses, rolling green hills, and upscale living. Arriving at the theater, we see we are actually in great shape as the show is running a little behind. It’s at this moment we briefly see Lorenzo and shake hands as well.

With the large list of artists, the running order for the show actually went: a classical set for 25 minutes, Gary Wright for 15 minutes, an interlude, STP for 45 minutes, and an artist jam session of rock covers for 35 minutes. All of Stone Temple Pilots (minus Chester) backed Gary Wright for his three songs, something we didn’t observe sadly until his last song when we made our way inside. Robert, Chester, and event organizers appeared on stage after Gary Wright to present the check for the evening and talk about how special of a night it was. Chester joked that he might even auction off his shoes later that night.

At this point I should mention that in all, there were 250~ seats with the show at least 95% full. However, there were only five actual FANS at the show in this number: two of us from Georgia, one from New Jersey, and two locals from California. It was a benefit for the local school district in P.L.V., where we learned Chester and Robert’s kids go to school. Chester joked that for one night he could finally try to outshine his wife as she spends so much time at the school and that he and Robert actually put most of the event together along with Marten Andersson. To understand what type of crowd was on hand, I’ll explain the older women next to me…one of which left to get a glass of wine during “the rock band” and the other who asked what the name of this band was, once they had started. It was almost exclusively just parents, grandparents, local community members and their families, and a few kids from P.L.V. – this was not a typical show by any means.

The curtains pulled up, STP walked out and the show kicked off with Wicked Garden. We immediately noticed that none of the band members sported in ear monitors which surely is the first time they’ve played like that in a very long time. We were surprised to see a few women standing ON their seats rocking out and overall, the crowd was very loud and receptive for that type of performance. The sound was loud, the band was in excellent shape, and the crowd was eating it up, even shouting for certain songs. With $250 and $500 tickets, as well as a few VIP levels, those in attendance were clearly having an excellent Saturday evening.

Big Bang Baby, the third song in the set (after Vasoline), sounded exceptionally well to me. After the track, Chester pointed someone out in the crowd and said “Hey, did you say Crackerman?”, before the band jumped right into the song. It was at this point that things slowed down a bit for Interstate Love Song, Big Empty, and Plush. Robert said it was their first performance since September (note: really October for Aftershock) and Dean took a moment to say that it was their first show since Scott’s passing. Chester talked more in these 45 minutes than he did at all three Linkin Park shows I saw in 2015 combined, even at one point saying he hadn’t met “ANYONE” there he didn’t like…”all day!”

Heavy closers Sex Type Thing and Trippin’ ended the set, which unfortunately came all too soon. It’s incredible to me that the band hadn’t played in five months and sounded so good at this one-off show, sadly the last time they will likely ever play with Chester. All four of them are incredible musicians, all shining at different times throughout the night. Eric especially was on fire, destroying the drums. To me at least, there's something special with the four of them on stage rocking out.

After STP, the crowd chanted for a solid five minutes for an encore, which we actually thought they’d do, but the all star rock band came out instead for a set of rock covers. These tracks included Shook Me All Night Long, Highway to Hell, Edge of Seventeen, and a few others. They called for Chester to come out on the last song, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, but he had already left sadly.

The after party featured a small red carpet to take pictures on, excellent food, a sizeable bar, a live auction, and a small stage for a DJ. After about a half hour, Chester and Robert came out to take pictures with everyone and socialize. The live auction featured signed pieces from the show and donated items by other artists, including Dave Grohl. Later in the evening, Chester took the stage to auction off a few items. He opened a few bags of signed STP drumheads that he gave away for $100 each – they were all gone almost instantly. Other auctioned items by Chester include an STP signed bass that went for over $3,000 and his own shoes that made for a funny interaction with the bidders. At the end of the night, Robert told us that he is watching EVERY STP audition video himself, upwards of 100+ a day with over 1,500 submitted. The event MIGHT happen next year - we will see, but I would say it's unlikely they do it with Chester unless he brings in another artist or even plays solo.

Overall, the trip was definitely worth it to see the last STP with Chester performance. Obviously, we’d all have seen them a few more times if we knew it’d be such a short-lived project. I’ll definitely have to return to L.A. to see LP perform and stay a bit longer.

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Thank you very much, Mark.

When a list of the set times was posted with STP listed as playing at 7:40, and we are at least 50+ minutes away from our hotel at 5:35pm, we knew we had an issue.

Are you reffering to the set times posted in this topic? I think I posted the picture like 12 minutes after it appeared on Facebook. I guess I did the right thing. lol

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Yes, had you not posted that picture we would have missed their entire set. I just assumed it started at like 9:00 at the earliest. We were at NRG, which is 50+ minutes from Long Beach. PLV is like 20-25 minutes from Long Beach, where we stayed. So if it wasn't for that picture, we would have missed it.


Here are the pictures I took with Chester and Robert. We got a picture with a few of us and Chester at the end (where he is barefoot with no shoes), but it came out pretty blurry sadly.


And a setlist pic posted on BelowEmpty. I tried to get one after the show but it made it impossible sadly with how they pulled the curtain down after STP, cleared the stage, and brought out different gear, etc. I tried after the show, even walking up to the stage and asking, but no luck. That's Chester's handwriting on it too.


I bought one of the signed STP drumheads, luckily. I got right up to where Chester was handing them out, but he had already given 10 away in the first bag, and he didn't get one to me until like number 7 or 8 in the second bag, with only 2 left after that. They were gone instantly.




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