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Fort Minor: 'Get A Dog' Remix


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The second piece of new music since Fort Minor's revival in mid-2015 (which yielded 'Welcome') has just been released. Mike has remixed 'Get A Dog' by Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman from their latest EP, Lice, released late last year.


The original song sampled 'One Step Closer', where Mike's remix removes the Linkin Park sample and focuses more on the beat, producing "a hard-swinging, quasi-industrial noisescape full of rattling percussion and barking pups" complimenting the actual verses rather than centering around the sample.

Listen to the remix here:

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mike said the following about the remix:

How did this remix happen?
I don't know how long I've been talking to Sandman. We had talked about doing something together at some point. It was just kind of casual, and then he sent me the "Get a Dog" original track. He emailed and said "Copyright infringement." I thought it was hilarious. … I thought the beat was cool, but I also thought it'd be nice to have my touch on it … to actually remove the Linkin Park sample and do what I would have done today, you know? So yeah, I asked him for the acapella.

What was your intention with the beat itself?
I mean my vibe was I wanted to keep it grimy. I wanted it to feel like the lyrics of the song, you know? It was just on my laptop, and then I just checked the mix at the studio. Linkin Park's in the studio right now, so I just brought it over to the studio to tweak the mix a little bit, to just tighten it up.


Is there going to be a Fort Minor record forthcoming?
I don't have plans for a Fort Minor record. … I can predict that there will be a song here and there that will be a Fort Minor song that I can release in between projects. Not because I want to make a big record or big statement, not because it's a big money maker. If those were the goals, which sometimes they are, then I'd probably just do that with Linkin Park, it makes more sense.

Check out the full article for more questions/answers.

It may not be brand new music, but it's something! Perhaps we'll see more remixes from Mike in the near future. If so, what songs would you like to see Mike reinterpret?

Linkin Park is busy at work preparing their followup to The Hunting Party, expected to be released later this year. Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page for all the latest updates.

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Cool to have some interesting news.


It's awesome that there won't be another FM album, I remember when Mark said that it was confirmed, now without STP I'm really happy that LP is the main focus.

On other news the original track sucks massive balls even if it has an LP sample.

On other news the original track sucks massive balls even if it has an LP sample.

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The beat itself is ok. The dog samples are horrible and the lyrics and flow are horrible as well. I like that Mike is making music, but that's the only real positive I'm taking from this one. I just don't like the song lol. I was kinda hoping Mike would have added a verse in here as well.

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