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Fort Minor to Europe in August/September


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On Mike's Periscope chat the other day, he said Fort Minor would be playing "a few shows" that were "hard to get a ticket to." The very next day, Fort Minor's first comeback show was announced, at LA's Exchange club for June 29th.

Thanks to our good friend graveguard, we now know MLK (the popular German promoter) has added a fresh Fort Minor page to their website. Mysteriously, the page only lists their previous Hamburg show in 2005 and is otherwise left blank. Still, the addition of the page makes us raise our eyebrows. It has a ticket website linked up, ready to go "just in case" there's an announcement, it has the Fort Minor social media feed embedded to it, and a link to Warner Music Germany. There was a page for a while for FM, but it seems to have been taken down in the past few years. The new page is freshly updated.


Already, we see that Mike's "one man show" for Fort Minor can appear anytime, anywhere. The Conan O'Brien show was followed up by Linkin Park in Mexico City the very next day, and the Los Angeles Fort Minor show is the night before Linkin Park plays all the way in Wisconsin for Summerfest.

It's not unreasonable to believe that Fort Minor will be playing a show or two in Europe when Linkin Park visits in August and September. Maybe Hamburg, maybe London, maybe a city where Linkin Park is already playing, like Berlin or Rome. We can only speculate until there is an announcement, but keep your eyes open because it seems likely Mike will take Fort Minor overseas very shortly.


6/28 EDIT: Mike has pretty much confirmed Fort Minor will visit Europe on the Linkin Park tour at the end of this new Q&A:



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My guess:

A few TV appearances and two or three really small shows (probably Hamburg, London and maybe Paris).

I think we saw his whole setup on Conan. His Maschine plus the Keyboard. That's all he need. So it should be fairly easy for him to do a small show with almost no production setup.


Wherever he will perform: I will be there for one show. As long as it is in Europe :-D

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From lp.com:


Fort Minor will be performing LIVE at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, Denmark on August 26 and at Kesselhaus in Berlin Germany on September 2. Linkin Park Underground members have access to an exclusive ticket pre-sale. Pre-sale will begin tomorrow, Tuesday July 7 at 10am local time....

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