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Linkin Park headlining Monster Mash 2015


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In an unexpected move, Linkin Park has announced another U.S. show in the fall. They will headline Monster Mash 2015 in Tempe, AZ on November 1st. LP has never performed in Tempe, AZ before, but under the name Hybrid Theory they played there in May 2000, just before the band's name change. It was likely the last show under the Hybrid Theory name as the change to "Linkin Park" occurred less than a week later.


Other bands include Rob Zombie, Deftones, Halestorm, and more. The show takes place at Tempe Beach Park. More information on Monster Mash can be found here.


East Stage lineup: Linkin Park, Deftones, Ghost

West Stage lineup: Rob Zombie, TBA, Halestorm


Who will be attending?

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I'd be surprised if they didn't do AAXmas again. But maybe this will be the last show for the year. Still have to consider STP keeps saying there dropping their new album this year.

I thought that Chester said he would never sacrifice something in Linkin Park to do something outside of Linkin Park? I think he could just work around it like he has been. I'm hoping for some more tour dates announced besides AZ!

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I'd be surprised if they didn't do AAXmas again.

I think AAC is not what it used to be, LP's performances there stopped being special when they stopped doing special stuff for AAC.

2000 had the premiere of My December, 2001 acoustic songs, 2003 the world wide premiere of BTH + a great set, 2007 with the choir and tons of other stuff and after that it was just meh imo. 2014 had Daron but it was a short set, they are not headlining anymore, the setlist was so dumb they just took the 2nd half of the set.

The Gibson Amphitheatre is gone too. Also KROQ always fucks up the webcast in one way or another, if it's either a bad mix, shitty quality or even a missing song.


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