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Linkin Park Cancels The Hunting Party Tour

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Yes. But I am going to try to be front row for the first time at an LP show. LPU Early Entry. Come see me in line I guess, or we can chat ASAP when the show is done. What do you think?

Completely understand, wish I would have went with pit tickets. My girl gets anxiety about all the people being so close to her lol so we went with side stage first 4 rows. I'll definitely try and find you after the show though. I'll hit you up day of to find out what you're wearing, etc...

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NJ media is reporting the LP will be playing Boardwalk. I have no idea how they know that or if the source is trustworthy. At work or I'd post more. LPL twitter account RT'd the link from MikeShinodaClan.


Hopefully Lorenzo will update soon. Looks like I'll be flying out even if the show is cancelled though.

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They haven't posted anything weirdly enough.


Boardwalk Hall says the show is still on....that's probably something you can get from just calling the tour manager or band or whatever. Basic information lol, of course it's still on since the only 2 canceled shows are Pittsburgh and Albany.


Let's hope nothing changes.

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I broke my ankle this time last year, might be similar to what happened with Chester, but I can't comment for sure... I was able to walk via the air cast (same as Chester's) within a week of the injury, albeit with crutches. I was also under doctors orders to be on pain meds and rest/elevate the ankle, something I wouldn't have been able to do had I had 2 hour concerts to be a part of. Chester's a trooper. Hopefully he'll be in AC and they won't be cancelling the show!


And Geki will always be Geki. The deadline for complaints was about 2 minutes before he first posted, so they're null and void IMO.

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