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2014.11.04 - Stuttgart, Germany


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I've been asked to come and do another preshow post, so here we go!


Linkin Park's second show of the sixteen show European Tour for The Hunting Party comes in Stuttgart, Germany at Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle. The band is no stranger to Stuttgart, performing there twice before in back-to-back years (2009 and 2010).


The 2009 show (on what we semi-refer to as the "New Divide Promotional Tour") was an outdoor show at Cannstatter Wasen for over 30,000 fans. Considering this was just a headlining gig and not a Projekt Revolution show or a festival, that's pretty impressive. The electrifying show had a nice, rare verse of Reading My Eyes over the outro of Points Of Authority (along with an accidental mashup of High Voltage and Dolla for the intro) and an intense New Divide / Faint / One Step Closer encore that really got the place going. I like to keep personal opinions out of show posts, but that's probably my favorite Linkin Park show I've ever attended due to how amazing the crowd was (huge pit on No More Sorrow, etc) and how "on" the band was that day.



Moving on, Linkin Park returned to Stuttgart in 2010 to Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle for the second A Thousand Suns show in Europe. The band likely would have returned in fall 2012 when they were rumored to headline 6+ German shows again on a canceled tour, but they make their return today when they bring The Hunting Party to town.


Yesterday on the 3rd, the tour kicked off in Zürich at Hallenstadion, a nice arena in downtown Zürich that unfortunately has fallen victim to a local sound restriction even though it is indoors. The setlist for that show was Set B, and the actual physical setlist said "US Set B V5", meaning the band probably isn't changing things up for Europe. Our guess is that the setlists will undergo changes in 2015 for the North American Tour. What do you think? Is there still a chance they could swap a song or two in for this tour? Or debut a Set C? This tour as you know has NINE shows in Germany, so perhaps something will change.


Who is going to the show in Stuttgart? Be sure to say hey to our staff member Jonas and our good friends like Thomas who will be in attendance!


The tour continues in Köln, Germany at LANXESS Arena on the 6th, after an off day. The band is no stranger to the city and won't actually perform in a new city (to them) until they arrive in Oberhausen, Germany on the 9th. The 12th LPU Summit in Amsterdam comes on November 7th (early in the tour), so be sure to stick around for coverage of that! You can find the rest of the 2014 tour dates here.

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I agree. I think two sets is all they're getting for this tour. In Europe in 2010, they had the one setlist but rotated in 2 songs for the German fans who wanted to see some variety.....aaaaand we already have more changes between Set A and Set B right now than they did in 2010.


I wish they'd have 3 diverse setlists again. Maybe for the USA tour.

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I thought it had something to do with the curfew but the day sheet says 11:30. LP was a bit late though, maybe that's the reason they dropped stuff. OMAM was 15 minutes late, which might have delayed LP's set.

Day sheet say LP's set end 10:05 pm and that's almost exactly when it ended.

It's also possible that Crawling was dropped on purpose and the drum solo was skipped by accident again by Chester, it seemed like that cause he just stormed on the catwalk for the singalong.

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I asked Mike durring the M&G if what he thinks about Forgotten over UIG. He said he will try to make it work. I think he took it literally lol.... - feel kinda bad^^ Awesome show.

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