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Hybrid Theory in Full 2001 & 2014


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While browsing the site today, we have come across a show in 2001 where Hybrid Theory was performed in full. We had previously missed this when we posted about Download Festival months ago.


In June 2001 on the US-to-Europe Tour, Linkin Park closed the tour with five shows in Europe - Copenhagen, Rock im Park (two shows), Rock am Ring, and a sold out show at London's Brixton Academy on June 4, 2001.


The setlist for this show was added by an older LP fansite at the time so we are not doubting it's authenticity. All of the Hybrid Theory songs were performed at this show, including a rare resurrection of Cure For The Itch (last performed in January 2001). Chester also performed Morning After at this show to start the encore. We are missing the Copenhagn setlist to start this tour, so it is possible that it was performed in full at that show as well. Unfortunately, there is no known recording of the sold out show in London.


Download Festival will be at least the second known time in which all songs on the album were performed at a show, BUT the album has never been performed start-to-finish before, which will be done at Download!


Mike replied to our tweet saying, "But it was never performed front to back; we had 60 minute headline set times, and less than 40 minutes of album music, ha!"


Download Festival takes place on June 14th and will close out the band's European Tour. Several songs from the album (By Myself and Forgotten) have not been performed live in over a decade!

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It was never played in it's entirety in the order of the studio album, so I wouldn't count that 2001 show, honestly. But yeah, maybe LP will add And One or something to the set at Download, you never know.

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Who's going on this forum ? Im going, phone battery permitted, ill send setlist, record, invade the stage, etc anything i am ordered to do.


If you're going to the meet n greet, see if you can get Mike to do a different verse in the hip-hop 2.0 medley like what happened at RaR! Maybe something from FM (Fort Minor not Final Masquerade) or Nobody's Listening

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I really hope he'll reply to the 'Be Yourself' thing...


Sadly I didn't think about it until 3 hours later, likely when he was already asleep. If not, I'll be at quite a few shows on Carnivores and will ask him and Phoenix.

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