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  1. I've heard so many complaints about this album, not particularly here, but a few places. Some say the guitars are too similar, some say chesters voice is too distorted, some say mike raps too much, some say the songs are too heavy for no reason. Are these people really making those complaints about Linkin Park? Those sound like phrases that are key traits to their sound since they started. Similar guitars, rapping, heavily produced vocals, heavy songs. I just find the complaining a little too much. You can't create a fantasy football band that makes everything you want. Sit back and enjoy the creative-awesomeness that is every album from Linkin Park.
  2. I am really enjoying All For Nothing. The raps flow so much better with the overall song than wastelands, and the chorus is so fun and unique from anything they've done.
  3. That would be cool. I was hoping the same thing, but for different songs
  4. It's weird, I've been wanting them to create a sound like this since MTM. Never thought they'd actually do it. It was more of a wish. But they killed it on this album
  5. Am I the only one that thinks mark the graves sounds incubus-like? In a very good way. Obviously it is different, but it was very good.
  6. Im sure its already been said, and im not going to change anyone's mind, but the song is good. Not great but good. Catchy, good melody, really good instrumental. Its is not a soft pop song like so many people are accusing. It also isn't misleading because of what mike Shinoda said. I think it fits into his descriptions perfectly. Compare this to over 2/3 of living things, or all of current mainstream rock, and it whipes the floor with it
  7. Why should they release anything based on mainstream music demands? Sounds like something they are trying to move away from. They have definitely done it many times before, many I'm being hopeful that they are making music that THEY like rather than what they want others to like
  8. Like the song. Im interested to hear how the rest of the album will be heavy and aggressive, but different from this song. One of Linkin Park's best qualities is their variety. It's been said many times already, but the fact that this is the single is very exciting. I have always wanted them to release a heavier song for a single, only so those who do not buy the records can stop saying Linkin Park sucks. Either way, can't stop listening!
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