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Julien-K "Live CD" to be released on October 03rd


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Dear streetteamers, Julien-K friends and fans,

In 2011-2012 California based Julien-K toured Europe in support of their album "We're Here With You".


Their journey took them to 16 European countries, playing crowds of 10 (in a Frankfurt, Germany TV studio) to 10.000 rave fans from all over the world.


People were coming from everywhere, following the band on their journey. We met people from South Africa in Holland, from Australia in Paris and from the United States in Germany, and wherever the band played, the fans made them feel like home.


This live-recording is a tribute to the fans of Julien-K - not only in Europe - but all over the world.


The recordings will be released worldwide by Julien-K/2808-MGMT on October 03, 2014 via Rough Trade Distribution.





Here is the tentative tracklisting:

01 . We're Here With You
02 . Surrounded By Cowards
03 . Fail With Grace
04 . Palm Springs Reset
05 . Colorcast
06 . Nights Of Future Past
07 . Flashpoint Riot
08 . Someday Soon (Rmx)
09 . Breakfast In Berlin
10 . Cruel Daze Of Summer
11 . I'll Try Not To Destroy You
12 . Maestro
13 . Kick The Bass

The preorders for this release will start on Sunday, 25.05.2014 6PM CET on Julien-Ks official European merchandise shop at: http://julienk.bigcartel.com/

Here are the rules:

- There will be 5 different packages you will be able to purchase.
1. Digital Download Only
2. CD + Digital Download
3. CD + Digital Download + T-Shirt
4. CD + Digital Download + Hoodie
5. Deluxe Bundle with CD + Digital Download + T-Shirt + Poster + laminated backstage pass from the 2012 WHWY tour

- Everybody who preorders any of the packages, will get the digital download delivered to him on the September 5th, 2014, so a full 4 weeks before the store release.

- Everybody who preorders the CD or a package that includes the CD until July 31, 2014 will find his name in a special "Thank You" list in the CD booklet.

- The CDs, Shirts, Hoodies, posters and passes will be mailed out on September 05, 2014 as well, so depending on your local post you will have them a couple of days later.

- The limited and handnumbered preorder CD will only be printed 500 copies worldwide!!! So you better be quick to buy yours.

- Numbered copies will go out in sequence of the orders coming in.
Presale start is on May 25, 2014 - 6PM CET (Central european Time)

- The artwork, title and tracklisting are subject to change.

One last thing:

We are getting asked A LOT about a vinyl release and a DVD/Blu-Ray release as well.

Please comment below or send me a message, if you would be interested to get either or both. With enough request, we might look into this as well...

Much love!
Daniel Heerdmann
Julien-K Manager


Julien-K EU live bootleg album UPDATE

Due to complexities with the live album production and release, we regret to announce that we've cancelled the album permanently.
Please request a refund via your original point of purchase. Julien-K did not collect any money or have anything to do with the sale of this live album, so we are not able to administer refunds. If there are any problems securing refunds please let us know so we can assist you in filing a complaint with PayPal.

Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.

Best regards,
Ryan, Amir & Fu



My dear JK fans,

I guess it is time that I make a comment here.

First of all – a relationship between a band and a manager is a bit like a marriage. In particular when it was as close as this one.

As long as all is fun and cool, everybody is happy. But as soon as you split ways – the people have to make a decision – and that is, if they are still friends – or if they wanna fight over their kids.

Last year I made the decision that I would no longer work with Julien-K – I had – and still have my reasons for that – but as we still have kids together, we decided to stay friends and try and work things out.

One of those kids was the live CD, which we recorded in October 2012 – back when things were still good.

In May, I read several comments from people who asked for a live-CD, so I suggested it to the band. We began working on it – together – the band heard first mixes, liked them, and so forth. I had an amazing phone call with Amir about it – he was a super fan of the idea – I mean – you all saw his comment on Facebook (which he has now deleted) the „this was just the first of many surprises the band would have for their fans in the future.“

Then we decided to start the presale for the CD – which some of you participated in.

Ryan, who wasn't on the call, did not like the idea of putting out the live CD before the release of „CA Noir“ - and he still says he never read the emails between us (which I can prove is a lie, but I am not angry with him – he is seriously an amazing person I love very much, and I owe very much to – and I would still work with them if it was for him – but guess who unfriended me on Facebook...)
We started to fight over the Live-CD – and other stuff – too much business bullshit you guys don't even wanna know about – so I spare you the crap.

The presale happened on the official Julien-K webstore – a place run by Julien-K INC– who I was a part of until the end of July, when I heard – exactly like all of you – that the band cut all connections to me. That was on the 28th of July – with immediate effect.

Why they did that? I am sure they did it because I wrote them a very „heartfelt“ and honest email a couple of days before. I told them in my typical German, direct, and yes – very shitty – Hamburg, St.Pauli mouth, that I am disappointed, that I will finish the Live-CD for you – the fans – and then I would fuck off – out of their lives – and would appreciate to never cross ways with them again. Music businesswise, it was the best day I had in many, many months.

By the way – the band has not officially announced to me that I am not their manager anymore – not until now – they obviously thought a Facebook message would be good enough to honour 5 years of being friends, on the road together, sharing beds and houses (yes, the band lived at my house for a couple of weeks when we were in Europe and I lived at Ryan when I was in LA) and so on.

On the 30th of July, I got a letter from the band – obviously written like a lawyers letter – including some Germany lawyers, the manager of Dead By Sunrise, Frank (who both asked to be left out of this conversation as they don't want anything to do with it) and Eli as receipient – that basically prohibited me to use the name of the band, or the recordings for the Live-CD. I would breach their „intellectual property rights“ and cannot release the CD. Intellectual property my ass. (Sorry - Germans)

I tried until last week – actually until yesterday – to save the CD – because I think you fans deserve it. I offered even to give it out for free. But the band did not even answer to this idea.

Until yesterday again – when I got a new letter, where the band threatens to sue me – saying I never had the rights to work with their CDs, did not do my job – and basically was never really their manager as we did not sign a piece of paper, but shook hand on it, in Hamburg at dinner, next to my office. They also forget the 1500 emails, the TV-interviews they gave and all the meetings we had together with other people – including you - to confirm this – but you know – fuck it - this seems to be the way this game works. Learning new things every day.

I cannot tell you how sad this all makes me.

But I guess – this is how it goes. Sometimes you stay friends – and sometimes you fight.

About the Live-CD:

Since the money was collected by Julien-K INC – which I am no longer a part of, and the band prohibited me to speak in their name – or to make decisions for – I am LEGALLY not allowed to refund you – because I would basically refund you from the money of Julien-K INC – and my lawyer told me I cannot touch this – until the fight is over.
I will have to withold this money– and yes – apparently we will go to court for this – because the band did not agree to any try for a friendly settlement (including outside sources trying to negotiate for it) for the live-CD and the other business bullshit the band and I still have.

BUT: FUCK THE RULES. Nobody can hold me back from giving some of my friends a little money – because I feel personally obliged to do so. So I will keep the Julien-K money on a seperated account and pay everybody back from my personal money – because if there is one thing I will NEVER DO, its – I will never let you down. BTW: Everyone who has asked me already for a refund can confirm that I did this before.

If I win this court case – and the band has to refund you – you are welcomed to send me my money back. Thank you.

Please send me an email to my private email: daniel.heerdmann@gmail.com – and include the purchase confirmation from your order, so I can see who of you bought what, and what I can transfer to you.
Your claims on PayPal will not work – because the band waited until now – which is more than 45 days after the purchase was done – and then the claiming back function does not work anymore.

Please allow a little time to go through all of this – but each and every one of you who purchased will get their money back.

I love you all – still and forever – and please know – you will always be my friends – no matter if I am still working with the band or not!!!

Much love, as always:
Sincerely yours,

Daniel Heerdmann

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I finally bought a physical copy of "We're Here With You" earlier this week (they were offering a 3 euros international shipping) and they're already releasing something else for me to buy. :lol:

I'm gonna go with the "CD + Digital Download" package.

I'll try to get a handnumbered copy.

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  • 3 months later...

Wow so much drama from the band lately.


The managed to burn bridges with their former band, former band members, former manager and it looks like they are burning bridges with their own fan base.


I think the fate is sealed with this band, the Death to Analog CD was DOA and they never really promoted or toured for WHWY in the U.S.


They had a chance to really promote the band back in 2007 when their song was on the Transformers CD and they toured for PR07. Because they released DTA way after the fact people stopped caring and the ship has already sailed for them.


It's a real shame because I do enjoy their content.


EDIT - Also why would the band not sign a contract with him? They've been in the industry too long to make such an stupid mistake like that.

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I have no idea what's going on here but the fact of the matter is - the unauthorized album claim by them is a bunch of bullshit. They promoted this on social media, emailed us about it, told the street team (SDS or whatever) about it....so yes, it WAS authorized. You can't just say "lol we are releasing a live album, everyone go buy it!...AAAAAND NOW WE WILL SAY WE NEVER AUTHORIZED IT, IT'S NOT LEGIT Y'ALL." Makes them look dumb.

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It seems like there is a lot of drama going on currently in the Julien-K camp and we aren't getting the full story on it all. Whatever, I don't really care that much. I own physical copies of Death To Analog and We're Here With You, but I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan of Julien-K, I don't have any of their remix or live stuff or anything like that. This really sucks for people who pre-ordered the album or people who just wanted an official live album from them in general, though.

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I have no idea what's going on here but the fact of the matter is - the unauthorized album claim by them is a bunch of bullshit. They promoted this on social media, emailed us about it, told the street team (SDS or whatever) about it....so yes, it WAS authorized. You can't just say "lol we are releasing a live album, everyone go buy it!...AAAAAND NOW WE WILL SAY WE NEVER AUTHORIZED IT, IT'S NOT LEGIT Y'ALL." Makes them look dumb.

This! It was posted through their official FB account (which was run by the members of JK & Daniel, and now only by JK): https://www.facebook.com/julienk/photos/a.351126906186.193516.8511506186/10152388674566187/?type=1

How the hell can they say it was unauthorized??????????????

I love JK and always will but it looks like they don't tell the (whole) truth...

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I just dont understand why they didn't just release the CD and be done with it, no one needs to be refunded. I'm personally sad that the whole Daniel and JK relationship ended, I think they were a great match, sad see it end this way.

Also think this step was also not in their best interest towards their career,s they don't have a massive fanbase but I'm sure they pissed off a quite a lot of people with this, someone is not telling the truth here.

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https://www.facebook.com/julienk/posts/10152598193181187 Read the comments here.


Ryan posted this: "@Chris McGrigor - it became "unauthorized" very soon after being announced - we asked Daniel to "please time this to come in between CA NOIR releases (yes we have more music to release) and please let us have final say on the mix, name, art, etc." The next day he announced the release against our agreements - when we questioned him about it and asked him to stop, he threatened us w a lawsuit, told us to fuck off, told us he would keep 10k worth of our equipment that is in the EU, and that we "owe him" money and he would do whatever he wanted to do until he was "satisfied".
I asked (this is ryan) to "please let's be friends and resolve this" TWICE. He denied me.
We have since filed a police report for our stolen equipment w the hamburg police.
Daniel has a dark history of this kind of behavior (see My Ruin and Figure of Six) - apparently every band he works with is "crazy".
Now he is lying to you all even though it is VERY easy to check your Paypal transaction - and playing the "sweet teddy bear" in the most disgusting and self righteous way I have ever seen ... It's unbelievable"
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I think there's much more than we get to hear. What's kinda confusing for me is how they treat the live album now. The band says that it was unauthorized all the time but why didn't they came out earlier and made a statement about it?

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Good lord, everything surrounding this band since the end of the DBS tour a few years ago has been an absolute trainwreck.

wasn't it an absolue trainwreck before? it took them ages to release DTA and even longe to release it in Europe.

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To me, it seems both SOB and Julien-K were at their best when they were doing FM and DBS. Let me put it this way, would you listen to either of those groups (SOB and Julien-K) if they were never involved with Mike and Chester's solo projects? I know I wouldn't have been.

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