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  1. Analog Beaches & Digital Cities (INTRO) Strange Invisible Maestro Kick the Bass Systeme De Sexe California Noir Fail With Grace We're Here With You No You Can't Colorcast Someday Soon Cruel Daze of Summer Black Market Machines Deep Beat Overground Flashpoint Riot
  2. Wow so much drama from the band lately. The managed to burn bridges with their former band, former band members, former manager and it looks like they are burning bridges with their own fan base. I think the fate is sealed with this band, the Death to Analog CD was DOA and they never really promoted or toured for WHWY in the U.S. They had a chance to really promote the band back in 2007 when their song was on the Transformers CD and they toured for PR07. Because they released DTA way after the fact people stopped caring and the ship has already sailed for them. It's a real shame because I do enjoy their content. EDIT - Also why would the band not sign a contract with him? They've been in the industry too long to make such an stupid mistake like that.
  3. Any info on the price for the top premium package?
  4. 1. Breaking the Habit (Live - Tokyo, Japan 2012) 2. Breaking the Habit (Live - Mansfield, MA 2012) 3. Breaking the Habit (Live - Rio de Janerio, RJ 2012) 4. Breaking the Habit (Live - Cape Town, ZA 2012) 5. Breaking the Habit (Live - Lexington, KY 2004) 6. Empty Spaces (Demo) 7. Ntr\Mission (Demo)
  5. I'll give you 10 solid tracks from their last two albums for you to listen to: Death to Analog: 1. Someday Soon 2. Look At U 3. Kick the Bass 4. Spiral 5. Forever We're Here With You: 1. Cruel Daze of Summer 2. Surrounded by Cowards 3. Colorcast 4. Close Continuance 5. Palm Springs Reset I know I may get some heat over these songs but they are my personal favorites.
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    Video DSP?

    Hey guys, I've been meaning to ask this question for awhile but I haven't had the energy to post, lol. Anyway I was thinking - Why doesn't LP release the video footage (the stuff that is projected on the big screen) as a DSP? I mean they are shooting it anyway, why not record it and sell it for $20-$25 a show?
  7. Yup, but in 08' they were able to strike a deal. I guess history is doomed to repeat itself.
  8. They are setting up mikes keyboard in the middle if that helps
  9. I'm here now... got my seats. Moderate drizzle. Mutemath is not on btw BTW I'm uploading some pics on WWW.kjpgallery.com
  10. You're welcome. I'm bored waiting to leave and I love tracking weather so I decided to share.
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