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Liberation List (August 2013)


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We decided to compose a list of the ten biggest "liberations" the band has done in their career. These are as of August 22, 2013. If you have any you'd like to add that are missing here, reply with a comment! We did not include 'Step Up', 'Nobody's Listening', or 'It's Goin' Down' because while they were partially liberated, they were played in a medley in 2004.


As you can see, there are only four songs brought back after five years and only two other songs brought back after 3 years. Two of those are instrumentals - Session and Cure For The Itch, and Session was never played in full. There are three additional ones brought back after 2 years. We also included a few under 2 years just to show that there really aren't many liberations left for the band that are lengthy.


Understanding the band's touring breaks is crucial to understanding this list. For example, Papercut missed only one tour, the Summer Tour in 2009, before it returned in 2010. However, all songs above Papercut missed at least one full touring cycle. Points Of Authority and Somewhere I Belong, for example, both missed the entire A Thousand Suns World Tour (despite both being on leaked setlists for the London 2010 night 2 show). Coming in at number two, Pushing Me Away missed the Meteora touring cycle and returned near the end of the Minutes To Midnight touring cycle. With You missed the entire Minutes To Midnight and A Thousand Suns touring cycles and came back at the start of the LIVING THINGS World Tour.


Session: 2342 days (6y 3m 2d) (March 25, 2003 - August 22, 2009)

Pushing Me Away (studio version): 2289 days (6y 3m 5d) (March 2, 2002 - June 7, 2008)

With You: 2103 days (5y 9m 3d) (August 15, 2006 - May 18, 2012)

Runaway: 1839 days (5y 12d) (May 6, 2007 - May 18, 2012)

A Place For My Head: 1222 days (3y 4m 5d) (September 11, 2004 - January 16, 2008)

Cure For The Itch: 1101 days (3y 6d) (August 24, 2008 - August 30, 2011)

Points Of Authority: 1000 days (2y 8m 2d) (August 22, 2009 - May 18, 2012)

Somewhere I Belong: 1000 days (2y 8m 2d) (August 22, 2009 - May 18, 2012)

Papercut: 774 days (2y 1m 13d) (August 24, 2008 - October 7, 2010)


A few songs liberated in under two years...


Reading My Eyes: 665 days (1y 9m 26d) (August 15, 2006 - June 05, 2008)

A Place For My Head: 579 days (1y 7m 1d) (October 25, 2010 - May 26, 2012)

My December (Piano Version): 480 days (1y 3m 23d) (August 15, 2006 - December 8, 2007)

From The Inside: 446 days (1y 2m 20d) (August 22, 2009 - November 11, 2010)


After these, there is Leave Out All The Rest and By Myself...which aren't much at all. Leave Out All The Rest for example is 431 days (1y 2m 5d) (August 22, 2009 - October 27, 2010). Next up this week, we'll have a list of songs that have NOT made a comeback and haven't been played in quite some time!


Have you been lucky enough to see any of these songs live over the years?

What would you like to see from this list brought back for the next touring cycle in 2014?

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I've seen 7 of those 9 songs live (8 of 11 if you include LOATR and By Myself). The only ones I haven't seen are Pushing Me Away studio, By Myself, and My December. Had an opportunity to see My December (Cleveland 2004), but couldn't work out a way to make it to that show.

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What would you like to see brought back for the next touring cycle in 2014?

I think My December (Piano Version) is way better than Ballad Medley. It will be nice if they will bring back By Myself with 2003 intro, but I don't know how much it's realistic.
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We forgot CFTI and Session...added both. Session instantly goes to number one, wow.


Of these, I have seen:

2007: Papercut, Points Of Authority, Somewhere I Belong, From The Inside

2008: Pushing Me Away (studio version), Cure For The Itch

2009: Session

2012: A Place For My Head, With You


The only ones I am missing are Runaway, which I was sure I was going to see in 2012 but it was dropped before the Honda Civic Tour, and My December (Piano Version), which I missed at Nashville 2008 because I was sick.


Took me like 18 shows to see APFMH and I got it on 19. Too good of a song for some number like that to happen to someone, haha. Each tour I thought it was coming back..... I really hope they keep it next year.

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With just 3 Linkin Park shows I've seen live in Portugal, the only ones I haven't seen are Session, Cure for the Itch and My December (plus By Myself).


I can say I was luckily enough to see great debuts, comebacks and rare songs:

· 2008: In Pieces, Valentine's Day, Pushing Me Away (original version)

· 2012: A Place for my Head (opening for the first time since 2001), With You and Runaway comebacks, and LIVING THINGS songs played for the first time, not counting rehearsals and intimate shows.


I really hope to see By Myself, P5hng Me A*wy, Easier to Run (fingers crossed), Figure.09, QWERTY and, obviously HT EP songs and more from LIVING THINGS.

Blackout or Burning in the Skies would be awesome appearances too, from time to time.

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Still remember that moment they broke out PMA in Rio, twas a glorious moment for LP fans worldwide lol. Summer Europe 08 encores were the best the band has ever done IMO, PMA, APFMH, CFTI, pure epicness. Good thing I was home alone when this show happened or my parents would have freaked from my fanboy screams. I was still known as LPPRJKT4 then damn, how time flies...

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I am jealous of those who saw Valentine's Day. I'll update the list with Reading My Eyes. I won't add the LP/JZ songs since they obviously are only performed with a guest.


I would also like to see Blackout and Burning In The Skies. I saw them rehearsed several times but I'd like to see them in a setlist.


Saw APFMH when it was played for the first time since 2004. January 16th 2008 in Hannover, Germany. They also played My December there

Wow, that's awesome. I will always remember this show in Hannover getting one of the best receptions of a setlist by the fanbase. There are always those "first shows back" where people either love or hate the setlist, or LP plays an average one. The Hannover show easily had the best overall response to a setlist online that I've ever seen. What I've Done opening, Valentine's Day debut, My December piano version was in a setlist after KROQ AAC 2007, the band used two encores for the first time ever, and after fans had been asking at M&Gs for ALL of 2007....APFMH returned. And it closed with OSC again. People LOVED it.


I started following each show since MFR 2005 online (and a good bit of the 2003/2004 tours via the LPMB)...the only other time I've seen people go about as crazy as they did for Hannover was the Tokyo Zepp 2006 setlist. QWERTY, Reading My Eyes, etc, but a lot of people were like WTF at the encore and OSC not closing.


Other highlights were the start of PR07 with the three rotating setlists, the start of the Euro Summer Tour in 2008 when RME returned and the epic epic encore of CFTI/APFMH/Faint/OSC came in. Now we know that the encore where PMA piano was, was likely a spot for No Roads Left....

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I won't add the LP/JZ songs since they obviously are only performed with a guest.

Yeah, I wasn't sure about it either.


Now we know that the encore where PMA piano was, was likely a spot for No Roads Left....

Can you expand about it more?
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Sean said it was worked up as an alternative to We Made It. We Made It debuted in late May (before the European Tour) at Third Encore. Obviously it was planned to be in at least one European Tour setlist. I wouldn't even be surprised if it was in one of the setlists in the picture on this page: http://lplive.net/shows/20080529.php


Two of the setlists had Pushing Me Away studio version and one had the piano version. The one that had the piano version opened the encore. That's the same area We Made It was in. The general consensus by the staff here is that NRL was originally planned to go in the encore 1 spot so the encore would go No Roads Left, What I've Done, Faint.


The band later said it didn't sound right live (NRL), so instead of PMA studio in 3 setlists, they varied it up with the piano version in one of them and the studio version in one setlist. The surprising thing to me is that when We Made It was dropped on PR08, they didn't add in anything else in its place. APFMH wasn't even considered I don't think (from what I heard during that time).

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