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  1. Totally forgot about signatures until I read your comment. Turned them back on.
  2. Good catch. You should no longer be able to see the Homepage category. So those topics shouldn't appear as unread content in the forums. If this doesn't solve the issue let me know.
  3. We launched the new version of the site early so we could cover and discuss the European tour. There are unresolved issues that we still have to fix: - Original links to forum threads are broken - There are <p> brackets in the titles of show pages - Some older shows are missing from year pages - There are no pages for Julien-K Firefox users: If you get security warnings when logging in, change your bookmark to use https rather than http. Permission to use the chatbox changed from 10 post minimum to 1 post in the past year. If you meet this criteria and are still restricted from chat let me know. Please reply to this thread if you find bugs or errors on the site. We also want to hear your feedback. Thanks.
  4. sotrix

    Oberhausen, Germany

    Mike Shinoda Turbinenhalle Oberhausen, Germany
  5. sotrix

    Bremen, Germany

    Mike Shinoda Pier 2 Bremen, Germany
  6. sotrix

    Hannover, Germany

    Mike Shinoda Swiss Life Hall Hannover, Germany
  7. sotrix

    Berlin, Germany

    Mike Shinoda Columbiahalle Berlin, Germany https://go.seated.com/tour-events/d2a2a732-e678-44d0-8e7e-6c0f02adde33
  8. Once the Mike Shinoda page gets too long or busy we'll split it up.
  9. I would like to hear more One More Light demos, especially instrumentals that didn't make the cut. Studio version of the Sorry For Now demo would be great.
  10. This turned into the #LPLIVE2018 meetup pretty quickly. See ya'll there.
  11. There's new links on the downloads page. I have to go through and add a lot of things we've posted in the forums to the downloads page with new links as well.
  12. I agree that's the best one but this is a democracy.
  13. sotrix

    LPU 17 Is Here!

    Way too many posts are now hidden. This is an open discussion board where people are welcome to voice their opinion, even if it's unpopular. If you can't handle others disagreeing with you or criticizing your opinion then this may not be the place for you. As for the topic at hand, there are thousands upon thousands of fans who have enough disposable income to eat these LPU merchandise packages up like a Thanksgiving dinner. Warner isn't dedicating time and resources to support the LPU just to be charitable. Don't like it? Don't buy it.
  14. Regarding content, Hybrid Theory had no cursing and was mostly teenage angst. Anecdotally, myself and many others here were hooked on LP for life when we heard Hybrid Theory as children. It was heavily promoted to teens by MTV and radio.
  15. Hybrid Theory is the most kid-friendly album LP ever made.
  16. I used Airbnb to get accommodations much cheaper than a hotel but this short notice you may not have many options.
  17. I'm looking forward to this concert and meeting up with the LPL crew.
  18. Regarding "like" buttons, this is a possibility and we'll consider it.
  19. My interpretation of that comment is that behind the scenes politics kept the song off the Transformers soundtrack.
  20. Am I correct in assuming LPU members get pre-sale access for only one show?
  21. I also did not see a WYSIWYG editor on my phone, even when using a desktop theme. To fix this, go into your browser settings and make sure "Request desktop site" is enabled.
  22. What's everyone's opinion on the product placement?
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